Summer Bucket List

If someone ever asked me what my favorite season is, I always respond with an emphatic SUMMER! There is something so divinely awesome about the long warm days of summer. For most people it is also the time to slow things down – not have such a frenetic pace (especially those of us who are parents who drive our kids in circles to school related activities). I’ve only recently admitted to myself that I’m a planner – every summer I plan to knock these items from the summer bucket list.

  1. Swim at the lake. I live near Chatfield Reservior. There are several ways to enjoy the lake. No matter if it is dropping my (kids) kayak in the water, renting a stand up paddleboard or hitting the roped off swim part. Nothing says summer to me quite like hanging out at a lake on a hot summer day.
  2. Visit a national or state park. Again if I go over to Chatfield I also knock visiting a state park off my list – but usually what I mean by this is going on a hike. Living in Colorado we are very lucky that we have many options open to us. Lucky for us Colorado Day (the day Colorado became a state) is August 1 and that typically means free entrance to Colorado State Parks or we can get free entrance to National Parks August 25 on National Park Service Day.
  3. Around a campfire. I would say tell ghost stories around a campfire – but honestly I don’t like scary stories…so let’s just say stories or sing. No matter if you really are going to be at camp or not – there are several options to have a safe fire right in your backyard. It is just a fun time to connect with the others around the fire with you…and maybe make a s’more or two.
  4. Camp. I tried to take my kids camping once shortly after I divorced. We went to the Sand Dunes. I borrowed a tent from my parents which was pretty old – and the sand really is no place to anchor a tent. You can rent a tent from REI (I should have done this instead). But it was fun and the kids tell stories of it years later (the fact that the tent literally fell down makes it funnier). But even if you don’t mess with a tent or with actually going somewhere – you can always camp in your back yard or even in your living room (I was in an apartment – so camping in the common areas really wasn’t a good idea or even really an option).
  5. Ice Cream Patrol. When I was a youngster my dad would gather all the kids in the neighborhood,  we would all climb into his little jeep and head down to BaskinRobbins. He would buy everyone an ice cream cone! There was not usually a reason – just a “because.” This was back in the days before seatbelt laws so kids were hanging out the back and sides of the jeep – with the doors off and the back rolled up.
  6. Drive a convertible. I was lucky enough to tool around in the jeep (which in my estimation is the ultimate in summer vehicles). But, there is something completely summer and different when you take a ride in a convertible or a jeep with the doors off than just riding around in a mini-van with all the windows rolled down.  If you don’t own a convertable rent one just for the day or the weekend!
  7. Watch a movie outside. We went to see a movie last summer on the grass just outside the Alamo Draft House in Littleton (at Aspen Grove Shopping Center). The movie was free and it was quite festive. We saw Hunger Games – prior to the movie they had a character dressed up as Effie, archery, popcorn and more. This year, we will be hosting our own Friday Free Movie. We got an inexpensive projector that we can hook up to our computer or phone and show movies! Host your own or go to a community event (or both).
  8. BBQ. Either host one or go to one. A rite of summer is eating food that has been cooked caveman style – over a flame. (If you feel like sharing your best recipe…email it to me). It doesn’t have to be expensive – it can be hot dogs and hamburgers or something bigger like ribs. Who’s recipe is really better KC BBQ or Louisville?
  9. Take me out to the ball game. When my son played baseball (he now focuses on football) we had our fill of ball games. But summer just isn’t summer without a ball game. Going to the Rockies doesn’t have to be expensive. There are rock-pile tickets that can be just $8 each and even better when you go on $1 hot dog day (promotion). No matter if you watch the game or the people it is bound to be fun. If you can’t make it to the game – make your own. You can buy a whiffle ball and bat for something like $1 at Dollar Tree!
  10. Read a fun novel or flip through a magazine. Reading is a whole different thing when it has not been assigned by a teacher. Choose your own escape – or a beach novel. Something perfect for outside – or just take your time flipping through the pages of a magazine. (One of my favorites is National Geographic Traveler – so I can dream about being on a beach somewhere).
  11. Picnic. So I’m not a great cook. That isn’t a secret. What is a secret is that if I take that same food outside and serve it at a picnic table or on a beach blanket – a simple sandwich, chips and lemonade seem that much more tasty.
  12. Stargaze. I can’t honestly tell you what the Leo constellation looks like (I’m a Leo). But with cool apps you can point your phone at the sky and it will define what each star, planet or constellation is. It is fun to sit out on a clear summer night taking in the awe of the sky – or even noticing the path that the airlines take (they take one right over my house so it is fun to watch them track the same path about 5 mintues apart from each other).
  13. Grow a garden. For the first time last year, I had my own garden. I didn’t have high hopes. The last time I tried I inadvertently pulled the actual vegetables I had planted – fearing they were weeds. This time I planted starters (so I could see what I actually planted – and could recognize what a weed was). I was so excited that I actually grew my own zucchini and green peppers. I had basil coming out my ears…and oh my the raspberries (my favorite). For just $1 a packet of seeds this is a fun reason to be outside all summer long!
  14. Meet the neighbors. In Colorado we hole up in our houses in the cold winter months. The only time I see my neighbors is when there is a big snowstorm and we all have to shovel or when they are driving away to work. This past summer, we made a point to put our chairs on the FRONT porch a couple nights of the week. To just “be”. We were outside so the neighbors could see us. It was fantastic meeting everyone. I look forward to that again.
  15. Find the Freebies. Summer seems to be the time for free entertainment. We have free concerts by local bands all around town, the obvious free fireworks displays at 4th of July and as previously mentioned lots of free movie showings. I write about these freebies quite often on Check out my annual free concerts list – which will be posted in late May.

No matter what you do this summer it is certainly bound to be fun! What is on your annual summer bucket list? What is your favorite summer tradition?

Summer Date Night Fashion

I was recently invited to the Outlets of Castle Rock to meet the Bachelor Ben and J.J. They also told me that there would be a fashion show. I am usually very blasé about fashion shows mostly because they are too overpriced for me AND I don’t think it would look great on someone that is not shaped like a teen-age stick. However there were some finds at this event, I thought I would let you all see for yourself. Plus with all of these outfits being found at the Outlets you could also use your savings card. The VIP card provides additional discounts – it is free at customer service (and worth $100s in savings)…plus you can ALSO apply coupons like the scratch off discount card at CABI.


From left to right: Samantha Lewis, Yazzie Gabler-Alonzo, Nicole Grimm, Patric McQuade, Peggy Ziglin (stylist), Sarah Billiveau, Katie Huck, Quiana Torres, Rachel Eakins


Samantha Lewis showed off an outfit perfect versatility from fitness to date night. Her look was from the Lucy outlet including Black Geode print jumpsuit, Infinity scarf, Yellow jacket. $265 retail.  $ 77.56 outlet

IMG_2387[1]Yazzie Gabler-Alonzo paired fashion and function with an outfit that can transition from day into night date from Cabi. The outfit includes: Pearl statement necklace (which I bought), Blush colored top (which I also purchased using my 40% off additional discount), Grey jacket, Skinny jean. $225

IMG_2385[1]Nicole Grimm had a boat to beach look from Polo which included bikini top,

Linen lace top, Plaid shorts, Flip flops, Floppy hat, Polo tote, Bracelet, hoop, necklace, Beach towel,. $472.96 outlet



Patric McQuade Nicole’s cute Bachelor Ben look alike date also sported the boat to beach look from Polo including Navy sport coat, Orange polo round tee, White Oxford pant, Belt, Flip flops. $271.47 outlet (If only I could get my son to wear this kind of stuff I would sooo spend the money on it).



Sarah Belliveau looked ready to meet anyone – even the family in her hometown date outfit from Calvin Klein (one of my fave places). Her look: Back trench (it always rains at hometown dates right?), Peplum top, Body skinny web jeans, Essential bag with yellow trim, Scarf (the travel essential). $377.50



Katie Huck looked cute as a button in her afternoon date outfit from Francesca’s (I actually bought this whole outfit for my daughter for her 15th birthday in a couple weeks…don’t tell her).  Her outfit included: Denim halter, Layered necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Lace skirt, Wedge shoes, Total outlet – $205. She also toted her Vera Bradley all-in-one bag. Retail $ 252. Outlet $126



Quiana Torres sported a fun in the sun date look from Francesca’s in her Red lace romper, Turquoise jewelry, Fringe bag, Strapped cage sandals (because Francesca’s has it all). $198



Rachel Eakins was ready for date night with the perfect look from GUESS. Her outfit was complete with Fedora, smocked maxi with slit, white motto jacket with gold hardware, zipper sandal, side pack bag, Necklace/ bracelet/earrings, Shades. $233.97 outlet


Colorado Summer

I have traveled the world (more posts on my recent adventures coming). But, now I’m trying to plan ahead what I will do for the summer. My money right now is pretty well tapped out (I have recently purchased and house and then when my car died three times in as many weeks had to purchase a new car too) – so we will likely be doing a Colorado Summer.

Not such a bad place. There are plenty of places for me and my kids right here in my home state.As my kids get older, they are also involved in High School sports (cheer and football) which both require summer workout sessions – making any kind of family trip difficult. So staying close to home is a great deal for us.

It was several years ago that I took my kids white water rafting. It was too early in the season and very cold weather. My kids were too little to get the oars themselves – so they were in the middle of the raft. I’m thinking of trying this once again. I stumbled on this video which made me all the more excited to try it again.

I am also contemplating going to Steamboat Springs this summer rather than Crested Butte. (The place we typically stay at is already rented for the entire summer). I want to try a couple hikes – maybe this time I can talk my daughter into going.

How far in advance do you plan summer vacation get aways? Do you plan it around an adventure like rafting or zip line?