Buying Boots in Nashville

I live in Colorado. I live in cowboy boot country. I like country music and I go the National Western Stock Show annually. I love country music and have been to several concerts. I even owned a horse. But I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots. I am a deals gal and it always seemed so odd to pay so much for shoes that weren’t particularly warm nor great in the snow. With that being said, I am not certain what the lure about cowboy boots were for me when I recently visited Nashville. I was there by myself (I was there for work – but I wasn’t there with friends) – so I can’t even claim that it was peer pressure.

I found myself going in and out of nearly every store looking at and admiring the boots. Some were so sparkly I felt like I should never wear them and rather put them on a shelf as a decoration. Others were so plain but already looked like they had been worn for several years. I went into stores called the Boot Barn, Cowboys and Angels, and Betty Boots. There is also a Sheplers in Nashville – but apparently the Superstore is the one that is in Denver just a few miles from where I live. But, it was like some Shere Khan Disney style snake had mesmerized me into thinking I NEED these. I need boots.

This happened to be a bit of a difficult trip for me. Things didn’t go as planned – and it was a rough week. So I decided to step out and get some boots (despite price). I chose a pair of RED boots from Justin Boots. I find it sort of ironic that cowboy boots are sometimes termed “Sh*t kickers” and the ones I chose are red. I see these boots as semi ironic purchase. Where I have thought over and over that I’m going to kick the bloody sh*t out of what made it so difficult! I win! (and I got some pretty cool boots too).

Hermitage in Nashville Worth Writing Home About

My mom used to say, “it’s worth writing home about” when we encountered something that was news worthy or exciting enough to tell the folks at home. With the advent of phones, face-time and internet it seems the more we experience the less we feel the need to actually write home about anything. I travel quite a bit – and I have gotten spoiled by amazing hotels and well thought out details. My kids too have become a bit spoiled when my daughter can walk into a hotel bathroom and notice if they have a scale or not (and know that that means is is a 5 star/5 diamond hotel). I certainly didn’t know this when I was a kid. When we traveled as kids – I was delighted when they had those little bottles of shampoo. Now even the “lower end” hotels seem to have them and I rarely stay at hotels where both the TV and the remote are nailed to their fixtures.

That being said, I have had the opportunity to stay at the historic Hermitage hotel in Nashville, TN. Indeed the opulence of years past comes shining through into the opulence of today. The Hermitage was built in 1910 as a hotel. But unlike many other historic hotels the rooms are wide, spacious, and well appointed (on a side note I hate the term well-appointed – but it’s what I thought of so that’s what I wrote). From the moment I walked into the lobby, I could feel the decadence. From the doorman to the front office staff I think they fed these people niceness pills. And the stained glass ceiling in the vaulted lobby is both beautiful and ornate.

Hermitage lobby

It is the details of the hotel that make it so cool. Like the child in me, I first discovered the great little bottles including devine smelling shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and face wash. My daughter (who is not traveling with me this time) would be happy to know there is a scale in the bathroom (although I don’t like what it reported I weigh).  I was excited about the Nespresso machine in my room. If you have not had their coffee you’re missing out! My colleague was excited about the type of wine that was sitting by the water bottles (although not inexpensive at $30 for a small bottle). The turn down service included cookies and fudge (that was not too sweet – just right). The card delivered to my room indicated what the temperature  and weather would be like tomorrow (and it was HAND WRITTEN!), along with that I received a small stack of Hermitage stationery with my name on it (personalized!) so that I could truly write home about it.