Run Your Own Race

As multitudes of people have set those New Year’s Resolutions (and maybe already dropped off the band-wagon at the gym), created pretty collages like an elementary school project calling it a dream board, or maybe you have designs on something bigger – make more money, travel or to quit a bad habit.

This year I am choosing one simple resolution that is pervasive to help me achieve all the other things I could put on a dream board, be healthy, make more money, blah blah blah. That is – to  Run My Own Race. Yes, it’s that simple.

I fully admit that I have a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I want to be at everything, wonder why I wasn’t invited to that gathering, I spend too much time mooning over what someone else’s life is like on Facebook (and other social media). I hear about the great trip they took or look at a photo of friends in fabulous outfits, or hear about the great client that they got that will mean a giant paycheck.

I decided this year – I want to be that person that someone else looks to and says “Hey she’s got a pretty fantastic life.” Not really. What I really want – is a mind set that says, I don’t really care what others think of me and for me to really do the best that I can do. I want to define myself and say that I’m AWESOME no matter what anyone else thinks because I’m doing what makes ME happy. That means I have to drive after my own dreams, I have to go after my own goals, I have to find my own resources and mentors.

That may even mean I literally run a race – or just live better as a member of the human race!

What is your resolution? Have you thought of the other questions? WHY are they important to you? WHO do you want to inspire with your Goal Achievement? WHAT will it meant to you to Achieve them? WHAT will become possible when you Achieve them?

FitBit Check In One

When I first divorced several years ago now, I got really involved in fitness. (It didn’t hurt that I also worked at 24 Hour Fitness at the time). I was a junkie for the Group X (Group Exercise) classes like Turbo Kick and LesMills. But then I switched jobs, got into different routines and hung out with different people. Now several years later, I realized that I have not been as fit as I was before.  Don’t get me wrong, I still snowboard and hike. I like to take a walk or hit tennis balls. I have not become a total couch potato.

I recently went on a snowboard trip to Park City/Canyons for work and one of my colleagues was showing me her fitbit. I was more than a little intrigued. It tracked her steps and her heart rate. There is an interface where you can denote your goals and even track your meals. A one stop (on your wrist) stop to a personal trainer in my pocket. So I ordered one. I got the kind she did with the heart rate monitor and all.

It arrived today. I got it all set up. I have the app on my phone and the interface on my computer. I’m ready to go. I think this will be the ticket where I check back in with my fitness life. Where I actually pay attention to how many steps I take in a day (and how many more I need).

I am sort of disappointed that it arrived on a cold day. Where I can’t go out on a giant hike and get it going. I am sort of obsessed knowing my colleague will be my “friend” on it and be able to tell how many steps I take. I feel that competitive streak coming back…I.MUST.WIN.I’m not sure which of my friends have a fitbit. I guess I will just do check ins here. With whoever is reading this. Day 1 – excited to put it on. Not really counting steps today. If I get to 5,000 (1/2 of my 10,000 daily goal – that should be good since I got it late in the day?!?!)

In either case – I think we both win. We are both be conscientious about our health and making decisions based on that. Yay us.

Can We Skip Brunch This Mother’s Day?

I am a big believer of time spent with someone as a gift. The gift of the memories you can not buy – and long after the flowers have died or the chocolates have been eaten – you remember the time you spend with someone. Typically for me that means doing something active together. The best Mother’s Day memories are the times that my teens acquiesce and do what I ask of them, because it was Mother’s Day. Here are a few choice ones from our list (and one that would never make our list).

  1.  Go on a Hike: We are lucky to live in Colorado where there are trails everywhere. Hiking can be easy. Pick a hike that you can do with the whole family. Something that makes it even more fun is if you pack a picnic and plan a fairly short hike just to get to the picnic. Hiking is simple and costs NOTHING to get started. We sometimes do the picnic idea in reverse – where we walk to the store and then figure out what we are having for dinner. We walk home while carrying all the groceries (this is sort of on the move weight lifting).
  2. Play Tennis: When was the last time you told your kids to gang up against you? Seriously the kids love to play two on one tennis. It doesn’t have to be a serious game where we keep score. Just hitting the ball to each other is fun. And it is a very inexpensive sport to play. I grabbed a couple tennis rackets and a sleeve of balls from WalMart for just $20 or so.
  3. Try a New Class Together: Nothing makes my daughter giggle more like she did when she was little than the time we went to a Hot Yoga class together or the time I attempted a Barre class (Seriously! It’s not just dancing). She could do the moves better than I could – and I looked like a discombobulated dork. There are several gyms (I belong to 24 Hour Fitness) that will offer free day passes – before you have to commit long term to have your son or daughter be at the gym with you.
  4. Go to the Batting Cages: There are a couple batting cages near our house. It is fun to go and make a competition on who hits the most balls. My son got a total charge out of this one!
  5. Garden: While this would never make it to my own personal list (I have a black thumb), I know that many of my friends get great pleasure from gardening. Planting and pulling weeds is (supposedly) a great workout and digging in the dirt a stress reliever. The kids will get a kick out of you telling them to go outside and get dirty! The cost is inexpensive as you can get seed packets for under a dollar.
  6. Sleep: A full night’s sleep is so very necessary and good for your health. Rather than waking mom up to try to give her some extravagant brunch – how about you let her rest.