Run Your Own Race

As multitudes of people have set those New Year’s Resolutions (and maybe already dropped off the band-wagon at the gym), created pretty collages like an elementary school project calling it a dream board, or maybe you have designs on something bigger – make more money, travel or to quit a bad habit.

This year I am choosing one simple resolution that is pervasive to help me achieve all the other things I could put on a dream board, be healthy, make more money, blah blah blah. That is – to  Run My Own Race. Yes, it’s that simple.

I fully admit that I have a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I want to be at everything, wonder why I wasn’t invited to that gathering, I spend too much time mooning over what someone else’s life is like on Facebook (and other social media). I hear about the great trip they took or look at a photo of friends in fabulous outfits, or hear about the great client that they got that will mean a giant paycheck.

I decided this year – I want to be that person that someone else looks to and says “Hey she’s got a pretty fantastic life.” Not really. What I really want – is a mind set that says, I don’t really care what others think of me and for me to really do the best that I can do. I want to define myself and say that I’m AWESOME no matter what anyone else thinks because I’m doing what makes ME happy. That means I have to drive after my own dreams, I have to go after my own goals, I have to find my own resources and mentors.

That may even mean I literally run a race – or just live better as a member of the human race!

What is your resolution? Have you thought of the other questions? WHY are they important to you? WHO do you want to inspire with your Goal Achievement? WHAT will it meant to you to Achieve them? WHAT will become possible when you Achieve them?