Summer Date Night Fashion

I was recently invited to the Outlets of Castle Rock to meet the Bachelor Ben and J.J. They also told me that there would be a fashion show. I am usually very blasé about fashion shows mostly because they are too overpriced for me AND I don’t think it would look great on someone that is not shaped like a teen-age stick. However there were some finds at this event, I thought I would let you all see for yourself. Plus with all of these outfits being found at the Outlets you could also use your savings card. The VIP card provides additional discounts – it is free at customer service (and worth $100s in savings)…plus you can ALSO apply coupons like the scratch off discount card at CABI.


From left to right: Samantha Lewis, Yazzie Gabler-Alonzo, Nicole Grimm, Patric McQuade, Peggy Ziglin (stylist), Sarah Billiveau, Katie Huck, Quiana Torres, Rachel Eakins


Samantha Lewis showed off an outfit perfect versatility from fitness to date night. Her look was from the Lucy outlet including Black Geode print jumpsuit, Infinity scarf, Yellow jacket. $265 retail.  $ 77.56 outlet

IMG_2387[1]Yazzie Gabler-Alonzo paired fashion and function with an outfit that can transition from day into night date from Cabi. The outfit includes: Pearl statement necklace (which I bought), Blush colored top (which I also purchased using my 40% off additional discount), Grey jacket, Skinny jean. $225

IMG_2385[1]Nicole Grimm had a boat to beach look from Polo which included bikini top,

Linen lace top, Plaid shorts, Flip flops, Floppy hat, Polo tote, Bracelet, hoop, necklace, Beach towel,. $472.96 outlet



Patric McQuade Nicole’s cute Bachelor Ben look alike date also sported the boat to beach look from Polo including Navy sport coat, Orange polo round tee, White Oxford pant, Belt, Flip flops. $271.47 outlet (If only I could get my son to wear this kind of stuff I would sooo spend the money on it).



Sarah Belliveau looked ready to meet anyone – even the family in her hometown date outfit from Calvin Klein (one of my fave places). Her look: Back trench (it always rains at hometown dates right?), Peplum top, Body skinny web jeans, Essential bag with yellow trim, Scarf (the travel essential). $377.50



Katie Huck looked cute as a button in her afternoon date outfit from Francesca’s (I actually bought this whole outfit for my daughter for her 15th birthday in a couple weeks…don’t tell her).  Her outfit included: Denim halter, Layered necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Lace skirt, Wedge shoes, Total outlet – $205. She also toted her Vera Bradley all-in-one bag. Retail $ 252. Outlet $126



Quiana Torres sported a fun in the sun date look from Francesca’s in her Red lace romper, Turquoise jewelry, Fringe bag, Strapped cage sandals (because Francesca’s has it all). $198



Rachel Eakins was ready for date night with the perfect look from GUESS. Her outfit was complete with Fedora, smocked maxi with slit, white motto jacket with gold hardware, zipper sandal, side pack bag, Necklace/ bracelet/earrings, Shades. $233.97 outlet


Buying Boots in Nashville

I live in Colorado. I live in cowboy boot country. I like country music and I go the National Western Stock Show annually. I love country music and have been to several concerts. I even owned a horse. But I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots. I am a deals gal and it always seemed so odd to pay so much for shoes that weren’t particularly warm nor great in the snow. With that being said, I am not certain what the lure about cowboy boots were for me when I recently visited Nashville. I was there by myself (I was there for work – but I wasn’t there with friends) – so I can’t even claim that it was peer pressure.

I found myself going in and out of nearly every store looking at and admiring the boots. Some were so sparkly I felt like I should never wear them and rather put them on a shelf as a decoration. Others were so plain but already looked like they had been worn for several years. I went into stores called the Boot Barn, Cowboys and Angels, and Betty Boots. There is also a Sheplers in Nashville – but apparently the Superstore is the one that is in Denver just a few miles from where I live. But, it was like some Shere Khan Disney style snake had mesmerized me into thinking I NEED these. I need boots.

This happened to be a bit of a difficult trip for me. Things didn’t go as planned – and it was a rough week. So I decided to step out and get some boots (despite price). I chose a pair of RED boots from Justin Boots. I find it sort of ironic that cowboy boots are sometimes termed “Sh*t kickers” and the ones I chose are red. I see these boots as semi ironic purchase. Where I have thought over and over that I’m going to kick the bloody sh*t out of what made it so difficult! I win! (and I got some pretty cool boots too).