Grand Champion Steer Celebrated in Hotel Lobby

For as long as I can remember, the Brown Palace has been the fanciest hotel in town. The crystal chandalier adorns the lobby, it is where my Grandma took me for my 16th birthday High Tea (a tradition I hope to continue with my daughter who will be 16 this next summer), all manner of celebrity and political figures have stayed at the hotel….and as part of the traditions surrounding the National Western Stock Show – the Grand Champion (1,400 pound cow) is welcomed into the lobby (on a red carpet no less) admist the glitz and spendor of any other celebrity.

Seriously, I don’t know how close you’ve ever been to a steer – but they are not tiny animals and I would never have thought either well behaved or well baithed would be said of a steer either. I was surprised to touch the animal and feel how soft (and thick) his fur. I was told he gets a bath and blowdry every day! He was gentle and calm despite the buzz of activity of the tea goers and hub-bub happening nearby.

The steer in the lobby of a very swanky hotel is sort of a surreal symbol for the city itself. Denver finds itself juxtaposed between our Wild West traditions and that of a modern city. Yes, folks we ride cars and public transportation to work. At least those who live here in the city do…but the guys who care for these awesome steer…maybe they still ride their horses to work. We touch the past while looking toward the future.