The Best Presents Are The Ones You Want Yourself

Mom used to say, “the best presents are ones I wanted myself.” And maybe that is the reason I often feel the drive to get myself a present. If I was looking for something that was perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle I’d run to PrAna.

I like to work out. But I had avoided PrAna because I’m not a yogi. I like the punch, kick, hit type of working out and never gave much more than a fleeting response to yoga – despite trying to like it several times. But I have been missing out. PrAna has great clothes that are not just yoga pants!

There are some clothes that I get from the store and then I find myself wearing those pieces out. I mean really wearing them all the time. I have found that the Devan Henley with it’s fun hood and soft cotton fabric it has become my go-to.


Jeans? I was led to believe that jeans were not for working out in (but maybe living in) and that a company like PrAna who is all about Yoga and fitness clothes would not sell them. Not only do they sell them – but they are so comfortable that I literally could work out in them. Plus, I got the Kara jeans in a sassy red color which has been really fun to wear.


Reasons to get PrAna for someone you love this Christmas: The clothes are stylish AND comfortable; PrAna uses organic cotton and is sustainable and also gives back the communities it operates in (including free Yoga classes here in Denver), but the best reason? It will make you the gift giving favorite.

So, no matter if you are buying a gift for someone else or buying yourself something…(you do have to be ready for those new year’s plans to do more yoga right?) When you use our discount code MHMF16GRYD you’ll receive a 15% discount

*I received PrAna clothes for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. And by the way, the photos are ones I got from PrAna – although I wish that was my body in those jeans.