Awesome in a box goes by the name FabFitFun

I have mentioned here before that I am a bit of a mail junkie. I honestly subscribe to magazines and REQUEST catalogs so that my mail box is full. I love waiting for the mail person to fill my box like every piece of mail is a gift (seriously even the stuff that most would call junk mail).

But this year, I gave myself an awesome Christmas present. I have long wanted to get one of those monthly subscription boxes. I just honestly have not had the money to do it. When you say $50 per month – it doesn’t sound like much. That is until you add up that fee and what you spend over a YEAR it seemed a bit crazy for me (and I’m on a Dave Ramsey – get RID of debt not add more plan).

I found a way in my budget to get the FabFitFun box. And I’m so happy! It really is awesome in a box. @fabfitfun just rolled out their limited-edition Editor’s Box for all of their new customers! There are tons of amazing useful products in this box. One of my favorites is the ModCloth Blanket Scarf (so many ways to style this!) Use code COZY at for $10 off your first box. #fabfitfun #fffpartner

The products are all full size products. The box is only delivered quarterly – so, it really doesn’t add up to as much…AND I found a code to use to make the first box just $40 (you can use my code too…it is “COZY”). j

Here are the AWESOME things that were in my first box – the Editor’s Box.

Modcloth scarf/blanket. I love this! It is soft and stylish. (normal price $35)

The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug. Who doesn’t love being told they are gorgerous by their coffee cup in the morning? (normal price $19)

Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils. Apparently it is therapeutic. I just think it is fun. I like to color. It is a fun way to spend some time winding down after a hard day. (normal price $14)

Manna Kadar Lip Gloss Stain. It is a 3-in-1 product with primer, gloss and stain. Making your lips look pretty and feel good too! The color I got was pretty neutral which is awesome for me as I hardly ever wear lip color or gloss. This may be my entry into that world! 🙂 (normal price $24)

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil. My hair gets frizzies. This stuff is great. It keeps the frizzies down and smells great plus, makes my hair shiny! (normal price $23)

O.R.G. Skin Mineral Peel. It says that it will expoliate and brighten my skin. I haven’t honestly used it enough to know. But it is sort of cool to spray on and then massage off.  (normal price $44)

Jook & Nona Necklace.The 18K gold plated engraved necklace (mine says “inspire”). Helps me looks stylish and radiate positivity. YAY…..except, my 15 yo daughter promptly took it and has claimed it as her own. (normal price $65)

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster. Smooth! That is how my skin feels. Needing to relieve dryness in the Colorado winter – this stuff seems to do the trick. My skin doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. Awesome. (normal price $56)

Zoya Nail Polish. I’m not normally one to polish my nails. It doesn’t stay long and seems like to omuch work. I love this laqcuer as it stays longer than most. I love the color too! (normal price $10).

Definitely a deal when you add up the normal price of all the products coming in at over $200 – and I got the box for $40. PLUS, it came in the mail – making it fun and exciting to get and open. You can get your box here:

and use the code COZY to get $10 (20% off) your first box!

Run Your Own Race

As multitudes of people have set those New Year’s Resolutions (and maybe already dropped off the band-wagon at the gym), created pretty collages like an elementary school project calling it a dream board, or maybe you have designs on something bigger – make more money, travel or to quit a bad habit.

This year I am choosing one simple resolution that is pervasive to help me achieve all the other things I could put on a dream board, be healthy, make more money, blah blah blah. That is – to  Run My Own Race. Yes, it’s that simple.

I fully admit that I have a bad case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I want to be at everything, wonder why I wasn’t invited to that gathering, I spend too much time mooning over what someone else’s life is like on Facebook (and other social media). I hear about the great trip they took or look at a photo of friends in fabulous outfits, or hear about the great client that they got that will mean a giant paycheck.

I decided this year – I want to be that person that someone else looks to and says “Hey she’s got a pretty fantastic life.” Not really. What I really want – is a mind set that says, I don’t really care what others think of me and for me to really do the best that I can do. I want to define myself and say that I’m AWESOME no matter what anyone else thinks because I’m doing what makes ME happy. That means I have to drive after my own dreams, I have to go after my own goals, I have to find my own resources and mentors.

That may even mean I literally run a race – or just live better as a member of the human race!

What is your resolution? Have you thought of the other questions? WHY are they important to you? WHO do you want to inspire with your Goal Achievement? WHAT will it meant to you to Achieve them? WHAT will become possible when you Achieve them?

I Feel Rich With A Cleaning Company Coming To My House

cleaning ladySo I got this offer, as a blogger, have Mile High Cleaning Company come to clean your house for 2-4 hours. (I live in an apartment – so if it takes any longer than that I must be a total SLOB – yes, I said that in all capitals).

Micky the owner was super responsive to my email. We scheduled a time that worked well in my schedule. Super simple and slick. Emailed her a day/time and she emailed back asap. When the appointed time came, they knew they were running a bit late – she hit me up with a quick email that said they were late and gave me a time that they would be at my house (unlike the three hour long windows that a cable company will give you).

So this is the first time that someone has come to my house to clean. I usually try to do it myself or cajole my kids into doing it under the guise of “chores” (They call it cheap child-labor). I was not really certain what to do with myself. Do I jump in and help? Do I pretend they are not there? Do I stand around and talk? Do I try to disappear?

The ladies were very nice. When they arrived, I had no problem telling them that I have never had someone come clean my house. I was not sure what to do. They asked what I most wanted worked on (I told them bathrooms and atop the shelves in my kitchen (which I don’t think have been looked at since I moved in 3 years ago). They said I can just hang out – they will do all the work. They quickly split up. One did the bathrooms and the other took to the task of the kitchen shelves. I was on my computer (which sits at my table right by the kitchen). We chatted briefly about her kids, he other job and the fact that she likes country music. I quickly turned on the music.

They made me feel comfortable and easy about having them clean (and me continuing to work on my computer).

I love that they came together. You get 2 hours worth of cleaning in just 1 hour. 🙂 About an hour later, the house was sparkling and smelled clean. I love it. I used to work at a company that hawked $49 monthly fee for a monthly massage. But for me this is a much better “bang for your buck.” I love not having to do the bathrooms (deep clean – not just the daily pick up stuff). I will put this in my budget for next year!