Wyndham Rocks Beaver Creek and Vail

Due to my job, I am sometimes invited to come to a hotel and find out more about the property and experience their hospitality. This last week I was able to spend some time at the Wyndham properties, Charter at Beaver Creek and Lodge at Vail. I was able to invite a guest to this trip – so I invited my mom (ugh…dating life – I don’t have someone I could have invited to this).

We arrived at the Charter at Beaver Creek on Wednesday night. While the lack of a valet and not sure what to do with my car – was a bit weird at the beginning. The front desk agent was very efficient and gave us our room keys and told us which elevator and floor. In the room there was a fun basket of goodies including a caramel apple, coffee, candy and snacks, wine, a coffee mug (with a cute spoons that nestles into the handle), cookies and fruit. The room was absolutely beautiful. And bigger than the apartment I live in. It was a two bedroom place. The living room had a full kitchen, table (dining area) and comfortable leather couches. Then each room had their own bathroom and bedroom. I get excited about the little things like the Aveda shampoo/conditioner. I thought the beds were extremely comfortable and fell asleep quickly. Mom said she didn’t fall asleep so easily.

Upon waking the next morning we had breakfast together (there were about 10 people), a tour of the Charter. Then we were invited to go on a Jeep Tour. It was fun and pretty. The tour guides at Above and Beyond tours were very knowledgeable about stories as well as animal sightings. The day was a bit cold and overcast but, that did not dampen any of the beauty of the wilderness here.Jeep Tour

After the Jeep tour we headed back to the Charter with about 45 minutes to get a shower and meet again in the lobby. In the lobby we walked over to the CBar though Beaver Creek Village.More food than a person could possibly eat – was already there!!! (We ate more anyway – with specialty drinks, pretzels, chips, salad and club sandwich). When we arrived back to the Charter we got directions to the Lodget at Vail. Packed and headed out to Vail.

The Lodge at Vail is right on the ski bridge at Lionsquare in Vail. (my favorite trail is there). We were barely given enough time to check in and see our room before we were to meet the group in the lobby for more…food! We walked over to another restaurant nearby – very swanky and mom said, “it felt like a bordello with the red walls.” I didn’t necessarily think that. We enjoyed a three course meal – I ordered the lamb chops (mom got the salmon). We also had several sides to share. The most rediculously delicious lobster mac and cheese! And when we couldn’t eat any more…we also had dessert.

Friday morning – we had a tour of the Lodge and Mantaneros. Then we walked over to the Tavern (Vail Square). While I stepped outside to have a quick phone call – apparently everyone else saw the moose. So I ran outside to see the moose (they were sort of elusive for me up until this point). I accidentally got super close to the baby who I think was sort of lost and looking for his mom. Then after that we did a canvas and cocktails sort of thing where we painted a fall mountain scene.

We were getting ready to leave and head back to Denver (I had to get the kids) – when they talked me into staying to enjoy lunch at Larkspur. The Larkspur was amazing!!! (more on that in another post as this is getting really long). The best chicken ever. Desserts to die for!! And probably the coolest thing is when the chef come out of the kitchen to talk about the food.

I was over stuffed and my diet didn’t love the trip. I did! It was amazing and I hope someone else gets to experience that!