Colorado Summer

I have traveled the world (more posts on my recent adventures coming). But, now I’m trying to plan ahead what I will do for the summer. My money right now is pretty well tapped out (I have recently purchased and house and then when my car died three times in as many weeks had to purchase a new car too) – so we will likely be doing a Colorado Summer.

Not such a bad place. There are plenty of places for me and my kids right here in my home state.As my kids get older, they are also involved in High School sports (cheer and football) which both require summer workout sessions – making any kind of family trip difficult. So staying close to home is a great deal for us.

It was several years ago that I took my kids white water rafting. It was too early in the season and very cold weather. My kids were too little to get the oars themselves – so they were in the middle of the raft. I’m thinking of trying this once again. I stumbled on this video which made me all the more excited to try it again.

I am also contemplating going to Steamboat Springs this summer rather than Crested Butte. (The place we typically stay at is already rented for the entire summer). I want to try a couple hikes – maybe this time I can talk my daughter into going.

How far in advance do you plan summer vacation get aways? Do you plan it around an adventure like rafting or zip line?