FitBit Check In One

When I first divorced several years ago now, I got really involved in fitness. (It didn’t hurt that I also worked at 24 Hour Fitness at the time). I was a junkie for the Group X (Group Exercise) classes like Turbo Kick and LesMills. But then I switched jobs, got into different routines and hung out with different people. Now several years later, I realized that I have not been as fit as I was before.  Don’t get me wrong, I still snowboard and hike. I like to take a walk or hit tennis balls. I have not become a total couch potato.

I recently went on a snowboard trip to Park City/Canyons for work and one of my colleagues was showing me her fitbit. I was more than a little intrigued. It tracked her steps and her heart rate. There is an interface where you can denote your goals and even track your meals. A one stop (on your wrist) stop to a personal trainer in my pocket. So I ordered one. I got the kind she did with the heart rate monitor and all.

It arrived today. I got it all set up. I have the app on my phone and the interface on my computer. I’m ready to go. I think this will be the ticket where I check back in with my fitness life. Where I actually pay attention to how many steps I take in a day (and how many more I need).

I am sort of disappointed that it arrived on a cold day. Where I can’t go out on a giant hike and get it going. I am sort of obsessed knowing my colleague will be my “friend” on it and be able to tell how many steps I take. I feel that competitive streak coming back…I.MUST.WIN.I’m not sure which of my friends have a fitbit. I guess I will just do check ins here. With whoever is reading this. Day 1 – excited to put it on. Not really counting steps today. If I get to 5,000 (1/2 of my 10,000 daily goal – that should be good since I got it late in the day?!?!)

In either case – I think we both win. We are both be conscientious about our health and making decisions based on that. Yay us.