Gretchen’s Great Grabs May 2019

Mother’s Day is over and summer is almost here. I joke about being “solar powered” meaning I am a happier person when the sun is shining. In celebrating Mother’s Day AND in anticipation of summer – here are a few of my top grabs this month to treat myself.

Fresh lotionFresh Hesperides Grapefruit Lotion. I went to a networking event for work last week. (I work in hospitality/hotels). Let me go back for a bit. When I was younger and we arrived at a hotel that had the little travel bottle of shampoo, conditioner and lotion we really thought we were at a fancy hotel. My sister and I would fight over who would get it (why we couldn’t share or even go ask the front desk for more, I’m not sure). So, I still equate these with luxury. But every once in a while the product is so awesome, I’ll actually want to go buy more.  This lotion is so fresh smelling, so moisturizing, so spring time. I went and got more. $23.00 for a 300 ml bottle.

Chuze Fitness. I’ve belonged to gyms before. When I first got out of college it was Bally’s. Later, I worked at 24 Hour Fitness. I’ve not been to a gym in a couple years. I could feel it. On the months before my *yikes* 30th High School Reunion, I decided it was time again. I had heard of Chuze Fitness from a friend. So I decided to go. I am in love with the Team Training classes (they are a cross between classes and personal training). $49.00/month with team training.

I miss youI Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott. This book of essays is all about life. I can so relate to but have never been able to put into words myself. Some of her observations literally made me laugh out loud because I SO AGREE! Plus, it’s a quick and easy read. Hardcover $15.60 on Amazon (I picked it up for FREE at my library. Yay Douglas County Libraries!)


Pancake in a cup. For some reason, certain parts of the year, I am on the go a lot more than others. Spring seems to be go time for me. While Mother’s Day may have been a leisurly breakfast, I don’t usually have time for that. I’m recenly loving Kodiak Cakes.  They are so simple and easy – the mix comes in a cup, add water, stir, microwave for a minute and you’re out the door with a 100% wheat grain healthy breakfast (I sometimes use the box mix and just measure out how much mix/water and put in my own coffee mug). Available at most grocery stores for $2.25.

Hedgren PackHedgren Backpack. I thought the days of my carrying a backpack were long since over, when I finished college. But, I do find that when I travel I like to have a backpack. The freedom of both hands. I also like to carry my work laptop home or on business travel with me. The old Jansport, while functional is not all that pretty. I recently got a Hedgren Pack at their warehouse sale It is a black nylon pack with gold hardware (zippers and buttons etc). The pack retails for around $150 but I got it for $20. While I love a deal – it so pretty and the perfect size even I might pay full price for this beauty!  Their luggage may be my next buy.

Gretchiverse Great Grabs – March 2019

March is not only spring break but also Colorado’s snowiest month. It is a reminder that Colorado is my favorite state because we get to see all the seasons (sometimes all in one day). But there are several other things that are my favorite this month.

Little House on the Prairie. My favorite show as a kid was Little House on the Prairie. I was fully convinced that I was going to be Laura Ingalls Wilder – despite the fact that I was the oldest of only two girls (which at the very least would have made me Mary) and that I was born in 1970 something.  But as I was searching for my next Amazon Prime or Netflix binge – I found that Amazon has all the Littlet House seasons! Yippee!!!  I started binge watching Season 1 and am finding I love it nearly as much now as I did when I was little, even if my delusional mindset is a bit more realistic these days.

Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner. The first time I went to a Trader Joe’s here in Denver, I wasn’t so sure what everyone was so dang excited about. The stuff was “weird” and the shelves were nearly bare. I now understand the value of the strange (and awesome) Trader Joe’s mix of items. My daughter and I recently tried the  Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner. With hydration and freshness this was a perfect little spritz on our face when traveling (which we just did to Disneyland) as well as a great start to any day. At just $3.99 we can all really stop and smell the roses!

Third Love Bra. I’m typically pretty modest – I don’t talk about the underwear that I have on, where I shop or how it fits. But this is one I’m ok talking about – mostly because I feel like it is a hidden gem. I tried the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra. I was mostly intrigued by the memory foam cups and half size cup size options. They said the pleated straps are perfect balance of softness and support – and won’t fall down. They have a try on program, for just $4.99 you can try the bra on and then return it if you still don’t love it. Plus, when you first sign up you get an extra money off!

Irish Egg Roll. Because I’m no a pretty tight budget – I try to look for meals that not only make the meal that day, but also have some great leftover potential. This month, you can get corned beef fairly inexpensively. I like the St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef and cabbage. What to do with all the leftovers? You may have already done the Ruben sandwich – which is good too. But, my most recent favorite is stuffing an egg roll wrapper with lefover corned beef, cabbage, and carrots. Fry then serve with ground mustard as an amazing, quick, eazy and yummy leftover recipe.

I started Great Grabs – because there was a lot of great little tips, items, shows, books, movies, recipes that I was loving and wanted to share somewhere. If you have something you’d like to share with me, please message me!

Gretchiverse Great Grabs – February 2019

I get Oprah Magazine. I have since something like 1999 – one of my most favorite columns in there is Gayle’s favorite stuff. I like Oprah’s favorite things but, that is usually only once a year (or is too expensive for me to really even consider buying anything). But Gayle’s column lists what music she’s listening to, what book is awesome, and sometime some super products. So I figured what better than a monthly, Gretchiverse’s Great Grabs!

Rothy’s Shoes. I’m sort of obsessed with these shoes. I have looked at them several times on websites, and they keep popping up in my facebook feed, my insta stories etc. I really would like a pair. I love the idea that they are made using recycled bottles and the company I work for right now, Informa, hosts an event called Natural Products Expo West (There is also an East version but that is in the fall). I will be on my feet all day working at the show – and will need comfy shoes. I am in charge of the transportation – so I’m sure I will have loads of opportunity to talk to people about my awesome shoes…so I’m ALMOST tempted to get them…but hello budget. Also, I think as a busy mom who is running from job, to lacrosse, to all the other stuff I do I love how versatile and yet stylish these are.

Dirty John Show on Bravo – This show was on Bravo, starring Connie Britton and Eric Bana. I love it. Connie does such a great job with the character Debra – strong yet somewhat gullible if only for the fact that she just wants love and wants to be happy, but then later trying to reason out and live with the  decision she made to be with John. Eric is so believable as John. John is scary but there is a vulnerability to him – I would think it would be simple to fall for him. And Ok – the whole story is a little scary as I’m a single mom out there dating…walls up now?

Outlander Series Books – I’m not sure what took me so long to actually grab one of those books (maybe because they are so long and realy a time investment). I’ve heard friends talking about it (and how how Sam Heughan is). I will say that it did take me a bit to dig it – but not long. I am already almost done with the second book in about 4 weeks – don’t spoil it for me please. But, I’m totally sucked in and feel invested in the characters. Not to mention that I hope there is a real-live Jamie out there for me. 🙂 I also have only watched the first season of the Starz show – because the books are so rich, I want to read them first…but also wanted to see Sam…

Happier with Gretchen Rubin Podcast  – I love the banter between Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth. The podcast is about the perfect length of just around 30 minutes usually and I never feel like the content “drones” or is preachy. They are simply two sisters in sort of two different places letting us listen in on their sisterly banter – which happens to have some really great and concrete ideas! I have a list of 19 for 2019! (Listen and you’ll understand).

What’s on your list? What is a Great Grab for you? Give me your suggestions!

P.S. These are NOT affiliate links. I don’t get anything at all by my suggestions or thoughts.