Welcome To (Red) LobsterFest

Red LobsterI was invited to try the new Red Lobster LobsterFest at a tasting at the location near me. I was going to bring my kids because my son has the most amazing pallet for a 14 year old boy.(He’s well on his way to being a foodie). He loves crab and lobster. But they told me that it had to be adults since drinks would be there. So I invited my sister. I know that she is not able to each much in the way of lobster and crab because my brother in law doesn’t really like that stuff.

Upon arrival, we were handed two drink tickets each and ushered into a section of the restaurant reserved for this occasion only. When we sat down there was a couple at the other end of the table. My sister and I decided to sit at the other side. We were not sure if we wanted to sit super close to them if no one else was joining us. Shortly two other ladies showed up and said they would have a third – so we squished a little closer to the couple. We totally lucked out – because everyone at our table was very nice!

But essentially we were here for the food. We were able to choose whatever drink we wanted. I let my sister pick first. She picked a Pina Colada with strawberry. Sounded delish – so I copied her. I used to do this a lot. I don’t like being the first one to pick the meal or the drink – because many times when I do that I look at the other person’s choice with envy wishing that I would have ordered that – so I got started just saying “me too” and then I don’t have that issue. And I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to eating so I’ve never really been faced with something I don’t like.

Shortly after our drinks arrived, the manager got in front of the group, introduced himself and then the FOOD started coming. We were dining “family style” so that everyone could get a taste of everything. There was so much food!

For appetizers we tried the Lobster-Crab and seafood stuffed mushrooms. Which were delicious. There are six mushrooms in the dish – and since we had seven people at the table we got a second helping. Then we were served the Lobster Pizza. The Lobster Pizza was my favorite of the appetizers because it was so unexpected. It was a thin-crust pizza topped iwth langostino lobster meet mozzarella cheese tomatoes and basil. So sort of like an amped up version of a margarita pizza. My sister’s favorite was the dish that was served next, the Sweet Chili Shrimp. Which really didn’t surprise me as it tasted a little like the honey shrimp at PF Chang’s with a bit of chili to have a spicy kick to it.

For eUltimate Surf and Turfntrees we tried several different dishes. The first to arrive was the Dueling Lobster tails – two main lobster tails one topped with shrimp in a creamy garlic sauce and the other a crab and seafood stuffing. It was funny to see that while it was served with mashed potatoes and green beans, almost no one touched the accoutrements. Next was the Lobster in Paradise – a split main lobster tial friend in coconut batter, served with shrimp both on a skewer as well as a small plate of grilled and served with crushed macadamia nuts. The Ultimate Surf and Turf was a main lobster tail with a crab and seafood stuffing and a peppercorn seasoned sirloin topped with lobster meat in hollandaise. (This was my second favorite dish). And the Bar Harbor Lobster Bake – which was fun the way it was served in a crock with linguini at the bottom topped with lobster tail, shrimp, scallops and mussels with a light garlic wine sauce.

Overall I love lobsterLobster Lover's Dream – but I think I really just like a plain lobster tail. I don’t want it all dressed up. Lobster is delicious the way it is with a bit of melted butter and the delicate chewy texture which is probably why I liked the Lobster Lover’s Dream which was both a Maine Lobster and Rock Lobster served with a lobster shrimp linguini alfredo – but the Lobster tails were really the main feature. The focus of the dish.

For dessert we tried three different ones – the Red Velvet Cake in a Jar. I don’t love Red Velvet Cake – and it seemed too sweet for me (yes, there is such a thing); the signature Key Lime Pie (which was delicious – but after all that food, I was quite happy to just get the 1/7 sliver of the piece we were served) and the giant chocolate cake.

If you walked away hungry it was your own fault. They even gave us the opportunity to box up and take the leftovers home. Plus, we were handed a goodie bag which included biscuit mix. YUM!!!!

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