Nils Makes Me Feel Like A Million (Bucks)

I had never really believed before that the “clothes make the man…(ahem, woman)” I sort of just wore what was comfortable, what was functionable for whatever I was doing that day. That was until I had the opportunity to try Nils Skiwear.

I was sent a coat, jacket, base-layers, and these amazing sweaters. The coat is a brilliant green and purple that look like they are straight from a fine piece of jewelry. The coat is lightweight but, warm! The fur liner on the hood make me feel like I really belong in Vail or Aspen (she-she). And I don’t normally like to have people stare at me – but when I noticed people looking at me recently I realized it is because of the amazing coat and pants!

Pockets are a big deal to me as I don’t take anything else with me (no purse) so I shove many things in my pockets- from phone, to identification, to money, to my pass, to lip balm and snacks. There is an inside pocket that is plenty big enough to fit my phone – and a few other things. I love the pleats and pockets along the hips. The zips are hidden so well you can’t really tell they are there. But for style you can unzip/zip pleats to allow the coat to flare out at the bottom – below the belt. The belt just looks like a belt. Very fashion forward – without me having to deal with an actual belt and more to buckle and zip. slider-jackets

What they can’t see when they are staring at me is the warm base layers. The layers are lightweight and soft. They keep me toasty warm and look great too. I was sent the turtle neck as well as a crew neck. The black color (and one of the baselayers is cool with a white and black designs on it) is easy to wear under anything -even if it is not just my new ski gear.

But I really live in the Sophia sweaters! These sweaters are so comfortable – I have a hard time taking them off at the end of the day.

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