Getting My Name Changed Back

I got divorced about 10 years ago now. Even though I didn’t really want to stay attached to my ex in name. I did want to keep the same last name as my kids. It was much shorter than my maiden name. I had been in the business world for 13 years with that name. I was not sure if I was going to get married again someday (I still one day hope for that). So I kept it. I kept his name and said I would change it when my kids graduate from High School.

Now is that time. I will tell you, when you decide to change your name and it is not attached to either a marriage or divorce. The courts don’t make it easy for you to just be…you again.

I’m about mid-way through the process. I had to do an FBI background check, I have to do a Colorado Bureau Background check, then I have to go to court, I will have to print the name in a local paper and then I will have to go back to court again. Just for a judge to give me a right to be my old self all over again! The courts sure don’t make it easy.