Gretchen’s Great Grabs May 2019

Mother’s Day is over and summer is almost here. I joke about being “solar powered” meaning I am a happier person when the sun is shining. In celebrating Mother’s Day AND in anticipation of summer – here are a few of my top grabs this month to treat myself.

Fresh lotionFresh Hesperides Grapefruit Lotion. I went to a networking event for work last week. (I work in hospitality/hotels). Let me go back for a bit. When I was younger and we arrived at a hotel that had the little travel bottle of shampoo, conditioner and lotion we really thought we were at a fancy hotel. My sister and I would fight over who would get it (why we couldn’t share or even go ask the front desk for more, I’m not sure). So, I still equate these with luxury. But every once in a while the product is so awesome, I’ll actually want to go buy more.  This lotion is so fresh smelling, so moisturizing, so spring time. I went and got more. $23.00 for a 300 ml bottle.

Chuze Fitness. I’ve belonged to gyms before. When I first got out of college it was Bally’s. Later, I worked at 24 Hour Fitness. I’ve not been to a gym in a couple years. I could feel it. On the months before my *yikes* 30th High School Reunion, I decided it was time again. I had heard of Chuze Fitness from a friend. So I decided to go. I am in love with the Team Training classes (they are a cross between classes and personal training). $49.00/month with team training.

I miss youI Miss You When I Blink by Mary Laura Philpott. This book of essays is all about life. I can so relate to but have never been able to put into words myself. Some of her observations literally made me laugh out loud because I SO AGREE! Plus, it’s a quick and easy read. Hardcover $15.60 on Amazon (I picked it up for FREE at my library. Yay Douglas County Libraries!)


Pancake in a cup. For some reason, certain parts of the year, I am on the go a lot more than others. Spring seems to be go time for me. While Mother’s Day may have been a leisurly breakfast, I don’t usually have time for that. I’m recenly loving Kodiak Cakes.  They are so simple and easy – the mix comes in a cup, add water, stir, microwave for a minute and you’re out the door with a 100% wheat grain healthy breakfast (I sometimes use the box mix and just measure out how much mix/water and put in my own coffee mug). Available at most grocery stores for $2.25.

Hedgren PackHedgren Backpack. I thought the days of my carrying a backpack were long since over, when I finished college. But, I do find that when I travel I like to have a backpack. The freedom of both hands. I also like to carry my work laptop home or on business travel with me. The old Jansport, while functional is not all that pretty. I recently got a Hedgren Pack at their warehouse sale It is a black nylon pack with gold hardware (zippers and buttons etc). The pack retails for around $150 but I got it for $20. While I love a deal – it so pretty and the perfect size even I might pay full price for this beauty!  Their luggage may be my next buy.

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