An Angel Was There

I woke up early thinking about all the things that I needed to get done. I already knew that the kids would be on a delayed start for school. Meaning, that the school that normally starts at 7:30 a.m. would now begin at 9.

I had scheduled a morning meeting for 8:15 forgetting that my now 17 year old son was going to drive both himself and my daughter to school Habits die hard – as I still think on their timeline (which in some occassions is still necessary). But knowing that they had a delayed schedule, I sort of wished that I could delay the day too. The temps were to be cold and the primary reason they close or delay school are temperatures and roads.

As I got out of bed and started the coffee pot, I got a text. The meeting I had set for 8:15 had been delayed. She wanted to schedule it for another day. Fantastic. I would be able to see the kids out of the house and to school – even if it really was just seeing them to the door and driving away.

I took my time getting ready for my own day. I was headed from my house on the south side of Denver to downtown Denver for a meeting with a client. I left plenty of time to arrive at my meeting just in time – despite whatever traffic snarls may happen. I had left a full hour to get to the meeting (rather than a good day where I would leave 30 minutes). My drive started out well enough.

As I was heading north on a major road (Sante Fe), I encountered a rail crossing arm just being lowered. I saw the lights start blinking and the arm begin to drop. I must have hit an icy patch – because when I slammed on the breaks I felt the ABS brakes engage. But kept sliding! I was going right under the arm – there was no stopping it. I literally had my foot all the way down on the brakes. Somehow – I ended up on the train tracks – with the arm lowered behind me (and on top of my car). In the somewhat panic and my heart beating out of my chest, I had thrown the car into neutral. So when I realized where I was and that I wasn’t going to stop. I just hit the gas and hoped I could get across the tracks before the train.

I hurried to get the car in drive again. And sort of squealed the wheels (as much as you can peal out and squeal on an ice patch). I thanked God that he just saved me.

I know that there were angels there watching out for me! But maybe there is more symbolism there? Maybe when the world tells you to stop – God still wants you to slide through and keep going. Either way – I count myself lucky today.

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