Get Your Puppy Fix

I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to adopt a puppy. A couple people seemed really excited for me, a couple said – no, that makes no sense with your lifestyle. (I like to go snowboarding all day, I like to travel – but, I also like to hike and a couple days of the week, some days I don’t even have my kids here at home with me).

A friend suggested that I foster puppies. See how much work they are, get my puppy fix. Smell that awesome puppy breath. I found a group called Douglas County Canine Rescue. They are always looking for fosters. They said they would give you everything you need to take care of the puppies. They give you food, crate, pen (if you need it – given size of the dog). The foster needs to take them to the vet for shots and spay/neuter. The group posts pictures of the dogs on their facebook page. You get to choose the dog/puppies that you foster.

They do have a few rules – like, if there is a litter they like to keep them together. If you choose to adopt – fosters get first choice. But, you can only adopt one per litter. Other that that, you are supposed to love the puppies like they are already yours.

We had to fill out an application, then someone from the agency came to visit my house, then we filled out a contract, and had to show that other pets are up to date on their shots (I had to run and get my cat his – a whole other story on that).

We had originally chosen four border collie puppies. A couple days before we got them, we were informed that two of the four had come down with parvo. The kill shelter in Texas would not release them – they would treat them. But all four had to stay together to make sure that the other two didn’t get sick as well. My daughter was somewhat disappointed, but the next week we chose a black lab pup. He was just 8 weeks old. So cute in the picture. But then on Friday (the puppies were to come on Sunday) we found out that puppy was next to another dog who got sick – and they would not release the lab but keep him to test him. But they were in desperate need of a foster who would take four Chihuahua mix puppies. So we said yes.

We picked them up on Sunday.They are so cute!


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