The Best Presents Are The Ones You Want Yourself

Mom used to say, “the best presents are ones I wanted myself.” And maybe that is the reason I often feel the drive to get myself a present. If I was looking for something that was perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle I’d run to PrAna.

I like to work out. But I had avoided PrAna because I’m not a yogi. I like the punch, kick, hit type of working out and never gave much more than a fleeting response to yoga – despite trying to like it several times. But I have been missing out. PrAna has great clothes that are not just yoga pants!

There are some clothes that I get from the store and then I find myself wearing those pieces out. I mean really wearing them all the time. I have found that the Devan Henley with it’s fun hood and soft cotton fabric it has become my go-to.


Jeans? I was led to believe that jeans were not for working out in (but maybe living in) and that a company like PrAna who is all about Yoga and fitness clothes would not sell them. Not only do they sell them – but they are so comfortable that I literally could work out in them. Plus, I got the Kara jeans in a sassy red color which has been really fun to wear.


Reasons to get PrAna for someone you love this Christmas: The clothes are stylish AND comfortable; PrAna uses organic cotton and is sustainable and also gives back the communities it operates in (including free Yoga classes here in Denver), but the best reason? It will make you the gift giving favorite.

So, no matter if you are buying a gift for someone else or buying yourself something…(you do have to be ready for those new year’s plans to do more yoga right?) When you use our discount code MHMF16GRYD you’ll receive a 15% discount

*I received PrAna clothes for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. And by the way, the photos are ones I got from PrAna – although I wish that was my body in those jeans.

Meet The Puppies

On Sunday we got four little chihuahua mix puppies to foster (they say it will be about two weeks). We were told that we would not get to name the puppies and we were to use the names they were given. However, when we arrived to the designated spot. There were about 15 dogs and nearly as many foster homes. (Some like ours would go as a 4-pack). They said we have three boys and a girl…toss out names. We suggested candy (since it was so close to Halloween). They said no, we’ve done that. We suggested beer. They said no – we’ve done all kinds of beer, wine and alcohol. So someone said cheese? Thus, the puppies are named Swiss (we call her lil’ Miss Swiss), Cheddar, Provolone and Gouda.

After they were named and micro-chipped – it was already about 7:30 p.m. and then we drove them home. The three boys were in the crate – and the girl was in my daughter’s lap. Upon our arrival home, my daughter had called two of her friends that live near and went to get the neighbor. Everyone played with all four puppies. They were super quiet – but cute.

My daughter had her friend stay the night – they put the puppies in the crate and had the crate in her room. I had warned her if they make too much noise to go ahead and take them into the office. For several hours my daughter and her friend dutifully took the puppies out. They used their phone to create a little flashlight and see the puppies in the dark. Up and down until about 1 a.m.

Since that night I’ve gotten to know each of the puppies a little better.

Swiss – She looks the most like a real chihuahua. She know she’s the little sister and thinks she has the right to be held all the time. She is a better climber than the boys and will easily climb onto my lap and curl into the crook of my arm. (She’s the bottom right in the picture above)


Cheddar – He’s the darkest of the boys. He also likes a good cuddle. He will fall asleep in my lap as Swiss takes the arm crook. He’s got these real “puppy eyes” that makes you really want to spoil him. He is also the most verbal of the group. He was the first that I heard to bark or play growl. He likes to protect little sister from her other brothers. (He’s the upper left picture above)


Gouda – He is the lightest of the boys. He doesn’t have much time for cuddles when there is food or a good chewing bone around. He is the first to the food dish and the first to the bone. He is the bully – making everyone else play (even when they don’t really want to). He will nip at the others ears and legs. He was also the first to explore at bit more of the yard. He likes to play and is the most active of the puppies. He doesn’t mind a cuddle when he’s tired – but mostly likes to be on the go when he’s awake. (He’s the bottom left TWO pictures above – sort of fitting that he takes two spaces)


Provolone – He is such an easy go with the flow puppy. He is the least likely to bark, least likely to fight for the bones (there are four bones – but they like to bite off either end of each others). He also likes a good cuddle – but doesn’t mind if brothers and sister are there too…he’s just mush in and find a space.


Get Your Puppy Fix

I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to adopt a puppy. A couple people seemed really excited for me, a couple said – no, that makes no sense with your lifestyle. (I like to go snowboarding all day, I like to travel – but, I also like to hike and a couple days of the week, some days I don’t even have my kids here at home with me).

A friend suggested that I foster puppies. See how much work they are, get my puppy fix. Smell that awesome puppy breath. I found a group called Douglas County Canine Rescue. They are always looking for fosters. They said they would give you everything you need to take care of the puppies. They give you food, crate, pen (if you need it – given size of the dog). The foster needs to take them to the vet for shots and spay/neuter. The group posts pictures of the dogs on their facebook page. You get to choose the dog/puppies that you foster.

They do have a few rules – like, if there is a litter they like to keep them together. If you choose to adopt – fosters get first choice. But, you can only adopt one per litter. Other that that, you are supposed to love the puppies like they are already yours.

We had to fill out an application, then someone from the agency came to visit my house, then we filled out a contract, and had to show that other pets are up to date on their shots (I had to run and get my cat his – a whole other story on that).

We had originally chosen four border collie puppies. A couple days before we got them, we were informed that two of the four had come down with parvo. The kill shelter in Texas would not release them – they would treat them. But all four had to stay together to make sure that the other two didn’t get sick as well. My daughter was somewhat disappointed, but the next week we chose a black lab pup. He was just 8 weeks old. So cute in the picture. But then on Friday (the puppies were to come on Sunday) we found out that puppy was next to another dog who got sick – and they would not release the lab but keep him to test him. But they were in desperate need of a foster who would take four Chihuahua mix puppies. So we said yes.

We picked them up on Sunday.They are so cute!