Esprit de She at Red Rocks Literally Rocks

I like when an even can turn my pre-conceived notions on their heads. I always thought of gyms as a place for the guys. Based on this event (which is produced and brought to us by LifeTime Fitness), I think LifeTime gyms would be a place that I as a woman or my kids could/would feel comfortable working out OR going to the spa. The celebration and encouragement I saw from the staff and all the participants was AWESOME.

Pre-Event Training. I signed up for the pre-event training through the club. It was a minimal cost at just $3.20 for the 5K training and $6.40 for the 10K (Get it? The Mileage). The training was twice a week on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. I knew that Wednesdays were already going to be out for me as they started the run at 6p but I had to run my daughter to something every Wednesday. Which left Saturday mornings. There was a tiny snafu with the first week – then the following two weeks I had my son’s football games at 9 a.m. so I would not be able to make it. I did however, try to run on my own. I do think this would have been a really great resource getting me readying and having someone actually give me pointers – it was simply a timing thing that I could not take full advantage of this program. But will try to next time.

The Run (10K/5K). I have stayed away from races for all my life (with the exception of the Bolder Boulder – which I run with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews). I guess I sort of figured that the Bolder Boulder was different because there were so many people and waves – that several people walk the event. And let’s be honest, all three years that I’ve participated I’ve walked at least part of the race. But what I loved so much about this race – is that there were women and girls of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Everyone seemed to be supporting and encouraging all the others (as opposed to what I thought races were – which were “competitive” to see who gets the best time). The last mile or so was sort of “ambitious” as it was all up hill (this is where I walked a lot). But I made it – getting a finisher medal at the end making me believe that I had achieved something!img_3306

Yoga. While I didn’t participate in the yoga. I know there were a lot of ladies that participated in Yoga on the Rocks. So even if you are not a runner (or walker) that wants to do the 10K or 5K race – there is still something for you!

 Marketplace. I’ve been to a lot of expo’s. People hawking their wares. Nothing to see/do in booths except buy, buy, buy. This was very different. Each of the vendors really had something substantial in their booth.

  • Gildan (the title sponsor). The Gildan booth was awesome. They gave each woman a pair of socks and a T-Shirt (as well as a 25% off coupon). Then we could take our shirt over to the T-Shirt decorating area – where there were pictures and ideas on how to personalize our shirt and all the items needed to do it. From scissors to ideas books. Plus, their tag line is every ___________ counts. You fill in the blank with what matters to you. We could write in whatever we want and some words of encouragement for Girls on the Run.img_3309
  • Lifetime Spa. LifeTime is not just a gym but also there is a spa on site. The staff from the spas were on hand to paint nails, braid hair and even give massages! And it was all free! I got my nails painted and my hair braided – but the line for the massages was too long (they were making a list and texting people when it was their turn).
  • Food Samples. There were several booths that were handing out free food samples. Some of the best were ones that handed out full size produces.
  • JR Watkins. I guess I sort of expected the sports drinks, quick energy foods, and running gear. But I was delighted to be introduced to J.R. Watkins hand soap and lotion (and they gave away a full size hand soap)…and it smells so good.
  • Beer/Wine. After the race several ladies used their coupon for a free glass of wine or beer.
  • Participation Bag. The bag that we received was a Natural Grocers bag that I can use and use again. It was chock full of great stuff including a race shirt. (I noticed several ladies immediately put theirs on – I didn’t because I didn’t want to walk back to my car to leave my other shirt). There were some great samples and coupons stuffed inside.

 Concert. I love going to concerts and finding new groups. I especially love hearing someone who I thought I knew – but then deciding I like them even more (and go and download a bunch of their songs). Even better if the concert is at Red Rocks on a beautiful fall afternoon. I was really impressed with the opening band, Tyler Watkins band. A local country band. They were great and very energetic. Then Jana Kramer came on stage as the headliner. She is awesome in concert. I love the way she interacted with the crowd and knew that it was mostly women. I loved that the concert only went until 7 p.m.img_3318

I will most certainly seek out this event next year. I will go. I will invite friends. I will celebrate the “She” in me! The event helped me set a goal (of running the race) and achieve it. It was a really fun event the celebrates women. Girl Power!



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