Changing My Car-Buying Mind

Yes, the time has finally come for me to look at new cars. I know that my 11 year old Jeep is on it’s last legs and I will need to get something else. I have driving this car for the past 11 years and had a Jeep Grand Cherokee (just like it and the same color even) as the car prior to this one.

Much has changed in the last 10 years in cars. There are all kinds of technology. Car manufacturers are being more thoughtful of the people who are driving the cars and their usage of them.

I have a Jeep because I like the mountains (yes, I actually 4-wheel in it but only once or twice a year). I take it to the mountains for snowboarding several times a year, I drag my kayak in it. I like to hike – so finding some obscure trail-head (which sometimes requires some 4 wheeling – or at least “off roading”). And only once did I camp in my car – but would be open for more of that. But my daily use of the car is the suburban streets of Denver. I drive my kids back and forth to school. I go to the mall and the grocery store.

As a blogger, I was lucky enough to be invited to a FORD event last night. I had secretly thought to myself, “Ok, I’ll go to this deal – hear what they have to say. But, I’ll probably stick with my idea that a Jeep is the car for me.”  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they have thought about women when they have made some changes to the cars. I laughed that there is no place to put my purse- they had an answer for that (they have made the middle console bigger). They have thought about when you shift into drive – that you might hit your drink …so they moved it. They told us that they really are the all-American car with different cars for people at every stage and lifestyle. So maybe the Explorer or the

But even cooler – at the end of next month they are launching an app called FordPass. The app tracks mileage, car maintenance and will even find you a parking spot! I may be changing my mind in favor of the Ford.

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