Does Your Car Define You?

I may have said this before. But, I really do believe that what you drive says something about you. I am a jeep girl. I learned to drive on a jeep. Rather than dream of adventure, you can and do experience it! I like activities like hiking, snowboarding and kayaking. I am outdoorsy and seek excitement, physical challenge and freedom.

As my car has died three times in less than a week (I have now had it towed to the shop twice). I am faced with the idea that I will need to buy another car. This time rather than go to the dealership. I am choosing to use a car broker (Eric at MileHighCarHelper). When he offered to let me drive another car for a while and see how it feels (this is awesome – and most dealerships won’t let you just take a car for a while). I turned him down. I really want another jeep.

When my sister (who drives a Toyota Rav 4 and her husband drives another Toyota), told me I’m being ridiculous because jeeps are sort of expensive. I told her if I buy a car and drive it for 10 years, like I did this Jeep and the one before it, I want a car I love. I want a car that I’m proud of. I want a car that is…me. I am a jeep.

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