Is It Tea Time?

Combining a couple of my favorite things – getting goodies in the mail and tea – Simple Loose Leaf has it in the bag (er…not really since it is loose leaf)!

I’ve gone to tea shops and not certain of what type to purchase. Do I feel like Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal, or Oolong? Do I purchase based on the way one smells today – when tomorrow I may be in a different mood? Each month you are sent at least four (4) loose leaf teas.

In this month’s box. There were five teas! The Cranberry Cider Herbal Tea, Lavender Sencha Green, Ceylon Supreme, Pumpkin Spice Rooibos (which I absolutely LOVED) and Bird Nest Pu’er.

I did have my own pot with a strainer built in. This worked perfectly to brew a couple cups at once.

Here’s a little about each of the teas we got this time:

  • Cranberry Cider Herbal: it was sort of sweet with cinnamonny (is that a word?) kick kind of reminded us of mulled wine that I don’t let them have. And way less expensive than Glogg.
  • Pumpkin Spice Rooibos: I used it as an after dinner treat on a cold Colorado night. Made me think of all the yummy pumpkin spice stuff that Starbucks is so famous for. We did serve this one with creamer and sugar. Tasted like dessert.
  • Ceylon Supreme: the card said it was from Sri Lanka (cool global exploration). I liked the nutty kick. Was even better with a splash of Vanilla Almond Milk.
  • Lavender Sencha Green: While the card said that this would provide clarity…I didn’t feel all that much more clear than normal. 😉 But the scent was delightful.
  • Bird Nest Pu’er: This is the only one we have not used. It looks like a tea pellet. But the card included said that it does have slimming effects – so I may be totally into that part when we get around to trying it.

We (my daughter drank it with me too) can’t wait to get our next box! She liked the Cranberry Cider Herbal (and I liked that it doesn’t have caffeine) and I liked the Pumpkin Spice Rooibos. What kind of tea do you like? Would you try others?

*For clarification, I did receive a three month membership to Simple Loose Leaf tea as part of a promotion for bloggers. I do however, love tea. I do love mail and may continue (paid on my own) after the promotional period).

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