My Car Birthed A Bean Bag

So after recently moving to my own house in Roxborough area. I had more space than I did furniture to fill it. My son mentioned that he wanted one of those really giant bean bags for what he’s calling “his man-cave” in the basement.

I started by shopping for them online. When I realized that they were well over $200 each, I decided to start looking on Craigslist to see if I could bargain for one at a lower price. I found one that said it was in a pet free, smoke-free home. The seller did warn me that it was rather big and I would not be able to pick it up in a regular car. No problem. I cleaned out all the snowboard gear in the back of my Jeep and headed toward Aurora.

Upon my arrival, I saw that the bag was indeed big – it looked like it was in good condition and I had bargained the seller down to just $20. (A virtual steal in my mind). She said she would have her room mates there (two guys) to help load it into my car. It seemed to slide in pretty easily. I paid her the money and headed back toward my house. (I was by myself, my kids were with their dad and I was trying to do this as a Christmas present for my son – who plays football and could certainly have helped me move it).

When I arrived to my house – I quickly realized that I was not going to just slide this thing out of my car. I was going to have to push and pull and heave and ho…about 20 minutes later from the inside of my car pushing toward the outside the bag dislodged. I was certain it looked to my neighbors that I was absolutely crazy. (But secretly hoping that no one was looking out their windows on a cold, dark December night).

I then dragged the bean bag over to the door of the house. When I then realized I could not easily push it through the door jam. So once again – push, pull, heave, ho. Twenty minutes later I got it through the door. Now what? Now the neighbors can’t watch as I wrestle it down the hall and toss it down the stairs (letting gravity take it to the basement). I finally get it down there in all it’s glorious oversizeness. But now there is NO WAY I was going to be able to hide it. So I relaxed on it (I had worked out to get it there) and then affixed a giant bow.

When the kids got back home. My son seemed to love it and my daughter treated it like a mat at her Cheer Gym. All seemed to be good.

The next Saturday, my precocious little neighbor girl says hello. Bounces across the street with her friend in tow and asks – Did your car have a bean bag baby the other night? Yeah, I guess it did look like my car was birthing a cow or a bean bag.


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