Up and Running

It has been a couple weeks since I wrote about getting my house! I did close on the house in Roxborough on Nov 30. I slept in my house on a blow-up bed that first night. I wanted to stay here. The next day my furniture arrived (I realized that I need more/different stuff).

I also had Comcast come out to hook me up with internet, TV and phone (triple play). When the tech came he informed me that the house was not wired for cable. So…for a little over a week I was working from the library and Starbucks. I really do like my little library here. The internet is free and there is a room you can borrow so I sort of had my own office for a while. And I was having a bit of a time getting into a routine.

This last weekend though I really started to feel at home. I took a hike on Saturday morning at Roxborough State Park and then Sunday did a trail run just literally down the street (to an awesome trail). The snow and ice have hampered me a bit in getting out – but I’m really excited to be so close to some great trails.Getting out really makes me feel like I’m up and running – but I guess I sort of mean that literally.

What makes you feel settled into a new house? How do you get into routine?

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