The Art Of Re-gifting

I recently purchased a house. I obviously didn’t plan this around what my budget would look like. I mean, really, who moves in December when you have all kinds of other expenses (and you feel bad spending money on the weird little things you need at your new house). That is why this year I will be re-gifting…. A LOT. I do hope that neither my friends or my co-workers are reading my posts.

But there really is an art to re-gifting. To re-gift appropriately follow these simple rules:

  1. Don’t re-gift back to the same person that gave it to you. So this sounds really obvious – but it happens! Make a note on the item (even a sticky note will do) of who gave it to you. This is a great idea for thank you notes too, so not a bad habit to fall into.
  2. Re-style to package. So hopefully you opened it in the first place (took it out of the original wrapping paper etc). But maybe you should wrap it in your own Christmas paper or a pretty bag (although I re-gift bags all the time too so this may be hard for me). Put your own style and bow on it. Maybe even dress it up…put that amazing re-gifted cookbook with a new dish towel and wooden spoons.
  3. Nothing that is used or only half-full! I don’t give away anything that is used: No candles that are burnt, No half eaten treat, No coffee mugs that have been used/drank from, No waterbottles with your lipstick stains….you get the picture.
  4. Give away Great Stuff (stuff you may have actually sort of wanted to use on your own). I have amassed some great things (I have a job that often has hoteliers giving small tokens all year long). These are things that people WANT! Books, entertaining items, gift cards to stores I don’t frequent, bath items, and treats (food stuff).
  5. Be Honest! If someone calls you on your regifting…fess up! (But I thought you would enjoy it so much more than I would).

Happy Holidays!

One thought on “The Art Of Re-gifting

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