Home Sweet Home

With all the troubles of the HUD house and the HOA of where I was looking before. I was beginning to think that being a home owner was really just a pipe dream and something I could not do on my own. Particularly given where I wanted to live being so expensive. Not that I really would necessarily pick that place to live but not wanting to argue with my Ex about my kids and/or move them from where they are happy.

The week that I moved in with my parents at the complete opposite side of town from where my kids and my life are – I started looking at houses in a little community that I have been avoiding (it is a bit isolated, it notoriously has higher taxes, poor resale and the water supply is from some other municipality so it is expensive). But then I started thinking about all the good things about the area. It still feeds to my kids High School (they would not be within walking distance of the school – but would be able to ride a bus).

I found a house with the help of my realtor, that was a flip. I was very excited to get my own Property Brothers done house. The kitchen is beautiful, the bathrooms redone and a great area in the basement that I can really envision my son LIVING in.

It was listed as much more than I really could afford – but I put a bid in at the top of my finances. Surprisingly, it was accepted with the condition that we close by the end of the month. This would make my loan originator work very hard (and fast). But it looks like it will be done on Nov 30. I will finally be a home-owner! Give me a week or two to get in and you can bet I will have a bunch of people over to help me celebrate.

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