HUD v Highlands Ranch HOA – No One Wins

It has been a couple months now. I was awarded the bid on the HUD home in Highlands Ranch. The house is in a perfect location right across the street from my kids school, on a corner lot. I have been waiting for the HUD versus HOA battle to finish but neither seems to care.

In this case, I can’t seem to understand how anyone wins because both parties are sticking their head in the sand and trying to make ME pay for it all. HUD has allowed the house to have a covenant violation (the yard is mostly dead grass – and has been that way for apparently close to four years). The HOA put a lein against the house and won’t let them sell unless they fix it or have me pay the $7000 escrow. Which would be great if I had a spare $7K laying around (I don’t). So I guess they will have to put the house up for sale/bid again. And it will sit longer…with no one caring for it at all.

In the mean time, I was informed that when I signed my 30-day release to my apartment they have been trying to rent it. It was rented today. I have to be out in just 10 days! Um? I am pretty sure that even if I found a house tomorrow – I would not likely close in less than 10 days. So…I will move into my parents house for a while and have my kids stay with their dad during the weeks. I’m not really happy about the situation but what needs to be done needs to be done.

But, I refuse to buy a house that I don’t like just because I’m in a hurry. That is a pretty big amount of money to spend on something I don’t like. So the search goes on. I am at the low end of the financial spectrum in this area of town. I can only afford so much because I am a single parent doing this on my own.

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