Lookingglass Alice Tumbles Into Denver Theater

The story of Alice in Wonderland has been around since 1862 with several different adaptions from stage shows to Disney blockbusters (Yes, two Disney movies). With a story that has been around that long I would think that there may not be any other way to interpret it – but I would be wrong. The amazing Lookingglass Alice at the Denver Center proves me wrong.

Right from the beginning the show uses characters, light, sound and our sense of space to send the audience off-balance realizing what you see is not all that is there. The introduction of Dodgson character is awesome. The small ensemble cast of five is nimble in showing us their many talents (from acrobatics to comedy). Turning regular theater on it’s side by allowing the audience to see where noises are coming from and characters as they emerge from the stage (or disappear into it).

The show is infused with Cirque du Soleil types of acrobatics, whimsy and nonsensical characters that we have gotten to know from the book and movies we may have seen. But the adaption of them is so humorous and fun. It talks to audiences of all different ages and involves the audience with the delightful characters. I especially loved the White Knight. (I’m fairly certain that parts of the show are improv and not at all rehearsed).

The fun of this show is really an Adventure in Wonderland for everyone. Lookingglass Alice is playing at the Denver Center’s Stage Theater through October 11. Tickets available at DenverCenter.org or by phone at 303.893.4100.

3 thoughts on “Lookingglass Alice Tumbles Into Denver Theater

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