Buying Boots in Nashville

I live in Colorado. I live in cowboy boot country. I like country music and I go the National Western Stock Show annually. I love country music and have been to several concerts. I even owned a horse. But I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots. I am a deals gal and it always seemed so odd to pay so much for shoes that weren’t particularly warm nor great in the snow. With that being said, I am not certain what the lure about cowboy boots were for me when I recently visited Nashville. I was there by myself (I was there for work – but I wasn’t there with friends) – so I can’t even claim that it was peer pressure.

I found myself going in and out of nearly every store looking at and admiring the boots. Some were so sparkly I felt like I should never wear them and rather put them on a shelf as a decoration. Others were so plain but already looked like they had been worn for several years. I went into stores called the Boot Barn, Cowboys and Angels, and Betty Boots. There is also a Sheplers in Nashville – but apparently the Superstore is the one that is in Denver just a few miles from where I live. But, it was like some Shere Khan Disney style snake had mesmerized me into thinking I NEED these. I need boots.

This happened to be a bit of a difficult trip for me. Things didn’t go as planned – and it was a rough week. So I decided to step out and get some boots (despite price). I chose a pair of RED boots from Justin Boots. I find it sort of ironic that cowboy boots are sometimes termed “Sh*t kickers” and the ones I chose are red. I see these boots as semi ironic purchase. Where I have thought over and over that I’m going to kick the bloody sh*t out of what made it so difficult! I win! (and I got some pretty cool boots too).

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