Telling Someone Else They Could Have a Business

Since I was a little girl I have dabbled in businesses – and my sister trailed along. I walked up and down the street handing out fliers that I would babysit (or clean house or whatever) and when I got too many babysitting jobs (or couldn’t do it one night) I would pass it along to my sister. She would then babysit for the same family.

While there are some things I do better than her (I’m the more loud and outgoing one). She’s an amazing person in her own right. She is much more steady and calm than me. So I’m not so sure she would be cut out for the life of a serial entrepreneur, home based business or even job hopper. But she has helped me shop my closet on several occasions. She is super stylish and can figure out how to put things together that I would never. For the past couple years, I have had an annual conference to go to. I see the same people (who I’ve not seen for a whole year). But I don’t shop. I don’t like to shop. I don’t like to spend the money. I don’t love trying on clothes (mostly because I hate the way they fit). And I work from/at home where dressing up, except for this conference, is mostly unnecessary and a waste of my resources (besides I feel way more comfortable in my yoga pants – should I decide to bust out a yoga move).

My sister has come to my rescue. I invite her over to my house and hand her the agenda for the conference. She picks through my closet and puts together outfits for me. She goes through my jewelry and accessories. If there are just a few things that I don’t have she goes shopping with me. I have a personal stylist. I think everyone should have a sister like mine!

A couple years ago I told her this could really be a business. Since then I have seen a couple different “personal stylist” businesses pop up. These stylists are charging a pretty penny – I think she could really make a bunch of money doing this. But I can’t be the one walking the streets with fliers this time. She is going to have to do it on her own. I do hope she does!

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