Denver Deal: Free Concerts and Movies Summer 2015

What does summer mean to you? Does it mean sitting by a pool? Taking a hike? A picnic in a park? In addition to all the great free days at attractions (posted here), we are lucky to have several venues who have free entertainment from free outdoor concerts to free movies and more. Denver is chock-full of great, talented musicians that play around town for free – and what is better than a movie outdoors on a cool summer night among about 500 of your closest friends? I say nothing! Nothing is better.


Week of June 1 –

Week of June 8 –

Week of June 15 –

Week of June 22 –

Week of June 29 –


July 4 Festivities –

Week of July 6 –

Week of July 13 –

Week of July 20 –

Week of July 27 –


Week of August 3 –

Week of August 10 –

Week of August 17 –

Week of August 24 –

Week of August 31 (and Labor Day Weekend) –

  • Taste of Colorado

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