Traveling Clothes

Sometimes remembering to pack everything is a trick for me. I tend to pack by day. Meaning, I put things into my suitcase based on what I will wear each day of my trip. I pack them together (which isn’t good if I’m going on a long trip – I’m not so good at the mix and match). But I often forget what to pack to wear on the plane or in the car. Until I recently put together a traveling outfit.

I have a maxi skirt that I bought last year. It is a blue tie-die looking thing. Not what I would normally have picked but when I tried it on it was just so darn comfortable! It is comfy as yoga pants but looks way more dressed up. (I wear it with a tank top and a light jacket). This has become my traveling outfit for the past several “big” trips where I am going to be sitting on a plane for any length of time. I wore it to Frankfurt, to D.C. (from Denver) and to Cancun. Also, it goes well with flip-flops so it is great for summer trips and easy to get my shoes on and off through TSA. (Although I did recently break down an purchase the TSA Pre which I’m super excited about).

Do you have something you wear to travel in?

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