Love Letter To My Coffee Mug

I like going to Starbucks and watching as people get their coffee. They don’t usually take a sip first. I’ve noticed they sort of “hug” their coffee. They wrap their hands around it. They may “fix it” with creamer, sugar or even just a sleeve. I find I do the same thing when I drink coffee. I am really not sure if it is the warm drink on a cold morning or if it really is the taste of coffee (although I really like mine with creamer and sugar). Somehow, my coffee tastes better when it is in a particular mug.

I have this one Starbucks mug I got from Vail. It is one from the Starbuck’s new You Are Here Collection. I want my mug to be just the right size. It can’t be too small – because then I have to get up and run to the coffee pot too often. It can’t be too big that the coffee gets cold by the time that I get to the bottom of the mug. I wrap my hands around it so that my fingers stay warm. I don’t want it to feel like my hands are simply clasped together nor do I want to feel like I put on Mickey Mouse gloves and am trying to hang on by my palms afraid that it will slip and spill all over.

I once described my coffee paradise to a friend. You know, when the mug is the right size that when you take that first giant sip and your mug is big enough that  you can kind of tune out the rest of the world and all you see is an ocean of coffee. It is your own personal 4″ of paradise.

Yes, I love my coffee mug almost as much as I love what is in it.

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Why is it so great? Do you feel like peering in to it is a coffee oasis?

One thought on “Love Letter To My Coffee Mug

  1. I am definitely a coffee hugger! I get the migraine if I haven’t had my first hit by 10am. But you are so right! There is nothing better than drinking tea or coffee out of my cute mug. It doesn’t even matter if the tea is gross (cause if you leave teavana in too long it gets nasty) I will still drink it because it is in my cute mug with a little bird with a top hat on it

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