Lodge at Vail

I was invited by Vail Resorts to come up to their property, The Lodge at Vail this last week. When I talk about Vail Resorts, yes, I am meaning the same company that owns and operates the ski area. The Lodge was the first hotel that was build along with the ski area when it opened 51 years ago (I missed the 50th Anniversary). It is simple to find as it is the closest you can be to the mountain without really honestly being ON it.

The hotel is situated right at Vail Village and right at the base of Gondola One. Vail Village is a bunch of shops from brand names that we all know to fun kitchy shops found only in Vail. There is also an ice rink tucked into Vail Village (I didn’t go skating though). On the other side of the hotel is literally the Gondola. The gondola has heated seats and wi-fi. Serious love the extras!!!

The Lodge is a Rock Resorts property. Which means it’s all kinds of fancy-schmancy. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the most friendly valets – who informed me that I had parked in the 10 minute check in spots for their neighbor property and he would move my car over to the correct portico. I had realized that my teenage kids had used the last of my cash – and I was sort of trying to avoid the valet – because I feel like a dork when I don’t have cash to tip them. But he was so darn nice.

I walked into the lobby and was greeted by an awesome curved staircase that I’d love to have in a house (maybe when I hit the lotto and can build my own). The check-in desk to the right was clean and the thing I noticed most was the giant screen behind the agents showing news and runs that were open. There were Nature Valley Bars out in-case I was hungry from the 2 hour drive from Denver. The agent there was also extremely friendly. Is it due to the lack of oxygen that makes these people smile all the time or is it that they really love their job?

My room was on the first floor. I didn’t love the look into the portico – and thought it would be an issue as I was right on the first floor. I never did see anyone walking that sidewalk while I was in the room. The room was great. All the modern touches like the USB ports everywhere (in every lamp), the SMART TV, and the Keurig machine (I must have my coffee each morning) along with REAL creamer (YAY! I hate the powdered stuff). My daughter (who was not with me) would have been over the moon at the bathrobes, slippers, yummy smelling bathroom stuff and the scale (apparently she knows that to get a 5-star rating you have to have a scale). The bed was super comfortable with soft bedding and a bunch of pillows. Plus, I just love a king size bed – with so much extra room to roll around by myself. Ha.

The Lodge was recently updated with new technology, art and decor. They have done a beautiful job of remaining thoughful of it’s past but clearly bringing it into the future. They kept saying it is reminiscent of a Bavarian Style lodge – but I have no frame of reference except photos and pinterest. (Maybe I should plan a trip to Bavaria just to make sure). The photos hung through the halls brought the outside in with great mountain landscapes (trees, leaves, mountains, fences, snow fields etc).

The Lodge also has a great restaurants they have Elway’s (mostly known for their steak) and Cucina (which features breakfast and apres ski – meaning after skiing). We ate at Elway’s for drinks and appetizers the first night arrival. The appetizers were both tasty and plentiful. The Rock Lobster Tails were to die for, the calamari tasty and the artichoke good – but difficult to eat in business setting. Seriously, how do you chew an artichoke leaf in business? Would someone please teach me?!?!

We tried Cucina apres ski the next day. They have the most amazing apple cider (I wanted to jug it and take it home), a s’mores bar that made me scream for s’more (chocolate sauce, caramel, toasted coconut, chocolate bits, toffee bits, white chocolate, milk chocolate…and on and on). They also passed small wagyu burgers, elk (which was delish), Colorado Lamb, small size grilled-cheese sandwich and tomato soup, It was yum and happiness on a plate and a MUST next time I’m in town.

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