I Signed Up Again For The Bolder Boulder 10K Race

Last year, my sister talked me into running the Bolder Boulder. The race is a Memorial Day 10K that ends at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field (and the last 1/4 mile is all uphill!).

Despite the race page saying you can run in the wave with your friends. Even though I wrote down both my sister and her sister in law’s name – I was placed in a wave that was to start a full hour behind the one they were running in. When I tried to run with them (in the FJ wave instead of the G wave), the security said they would call the cops on me and arrest me (I paid my full race fee but apparently they are NOT JOKING when they say you have to run in your wave) if I tried to run with them. I talked to another official who basically was at least slightly nicer and told me to go to the end of the fence and I could jump in there but I would not get an official time. That was fine. I was more interested in running the race with my sister than I was getting an official time.

The post race was a lot of fun watching the waves of runners entering the stadium. Seeing the Memorial Day entertainment, fly over and recognizing military athletes that are participating. There were several vendors and fun freebies after the race. I still carry my lunch bag – which says runGRY? – which I find funny since my initials are GRY.

Even with the awful start (and what I thought were the funny looks from the security along the race route), I ran side by side with my sister. (My foot timer would not work because I didn’t start on my official time – offense apparently big enough to land me in jail). They (my sister, brother in law, nephews, my sister’s sister in law) just signed us up to do that again! I really want to do a couple things this year: 1. Get a real race time 2. Run faster 3. Actually train.

Now what? How do I train? Does anyone want to help me?

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