My Son Is Now Driving…YIKES

I haven’t even gotten into a car with him behind the wheel. My son passed his written exam on Friday allowing him to obtain a driver’s permit. He will hold this for one year. In that time I’m supposed to try to come to terms with the fact that a. my son is old enough to drive and b. my son can and will be safe on the road.

So I’m pretty sure that each and every state has different rules and ways of getting a licence. In Colorado, your teen has to pass an online class (teaching them the stuff in the book) and receive a certificate for passing that class. S/He may also take a class from a certified class location (although I found these to be very expensive). Once they have that certificate they need to go the DMV and pass the written exam. (I hear the DMV takes appointments – so that is the way to go – rather than waiting your turn which could take HOURS!). Once they have passed the exam they get their provisional license (a piece of paper until the other one with a photo arrives in the mail about two weeks later). They should drive on this permit with a licensed adult in the car with them for a certain number of hours (40) which include city driving, highway and nighttime driving. The parent(s) have to sign off on this practice driving.

To be honest, I am actually glad that it is my son that will be on the road before his sister. He is a much more even keeled temper (despite her being hyper organized). He is a rules follower and has even made me hand over my phone to place it in the glove box while I’m driving. “No texting and driving” he says. We will start with just learning how to operate the car – by taking it to a nearby parking lot. No traffic just yet and no, I will not make him go on the highway on his first driving foray.

All my dear neighbors and friends. Do please take caution as you walk the streets of our town. Please be patient with my frazzled nerves. Please forgive us when we are late. I’ll keep you all updated on how this is progressing. Since he got the license he is a little scared to drive and says he wants to do his first time with his dad. Fine with me.

Do you have a new driver in the house? How did you learn to calm down?

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