My Mail Obsession

I think I may have missed my “calling” in life. I am probably a decade too late as well. I love getting mail. I’m serious! While many of my friends hate getting mail – I can’t say that I love getting bills in the mail – or those pesky traffic ticket photos that so obviously indicate that is me driving – I love the mail. I have since I was a little kid.

My parent’s house has one of those old-school mail drops that lands the mail right on the kitchen floor. My sister and I would see the mailman coming up the drive and we would hide behind the wall with our hands outstretched to be the first to get the mail before it hit the ground. There was rarely anything for us – but when there was – it was exciting! A letter from a friend (which was mostly unnecessary as we didn’t move much and didn’t have friends or family in far away places)? A catalog with all kinds of things we didn’t really need or could afford?

As I got older, I ordered magazines to ensure that I would get mail on a regular basis. I would occasionally order from magazine just to make sure that I stay on their list and continue receiving the magazines. I would send postcards to myself. Mail is like a little surprise every day that you don’t really have to do anything to get! It comes to you but you don’t really know WHEN. Although I will say when you order off a website they do their best to try to guesstimate when you receive the item you ordered – it doesn’t really come on time. And my mail man is late! I have driven up to my house at 7:30 p.m. and the mailman is just getting there. And since I live in an apartment, it can take him quite some time to do all the apartments!

I am so excited I just joined one of those monthly delivery services. What took me so long?!?? I will be receiving socks from EVERY MONTH! How exciting is that? I’ve not even seen them. Are they good quality? Are they fun designs? Will they be so “out there” that I won’t really wear them? Have you ever ordered from a monthly service/club? What did you get? Was it cool stuff? Would you do it again? Why don’t they accept PayPal?

One thought on “My Mail Obsession

  1. I received my first pair in the mail. I was excited to get the mail and they are cute (they are blue with colored dots all over). I loved the tag that says “Beware: Wearing these may increase your awesomeness.” Love love love that. I have not worn them yet however, they do feel fairly light compared to most socks that I wear. I find that I am now trying to fit an outfit around my socks and not my socks around an outfit.

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