I Feel Rich With A Cleaning Company Coming To My House

cleaning ladySo I got this offer, as a blogger, have Mile High Cleaning Company come to clean your house for 2-4 hours. (I live in an apartment – so if it takes any longer than that I must be a total SLOB – yes, I said that in all capitals).

Micky the owner was super responsive to my email. We scheduled a time that worked well in my schedule. Super simple and slick. Emailed her a day/time and she emailed back asap. When the appointed time came, they knew they were running a bit late – she hit me up with a quick email that said they were late and gave me a time that they would be at my house (unlike the three hour long windows that a cable company will give you).

So this is the first time that someone has come to my house to clean. I usually try to do it myself or cajole my kids into doing it under the guise of “chores” (They call it cheap child-labor). I was not really certain what to do with myself. Do I jump in and help? Do I pretend they are not there? Do I stand around and talk? Do I try to disappear?

The ladies were very nice. When they arrived, I had no problem telling them that I have never had someone come clean my house. I was not sure what to do. They asked what I most wanted worked on (I told them bathrooms and atop the shelves in my kitchen (which I don’t think have been looked at since I moved in 3 years ago). They said I can just hang out – they will do all the work. They quickly split up. One did the bathrooms and the other took to the task of the kitchen shelves. I was on my computer (which sits at my table right by the kitchen). We chatted briefly about her kids, he other job and the fact that she likes country music. I quickly turned on the music.

They made me feel comfortable and easy about having them clean (and me continuing to work on my computer).

I love that they came together. You get 2 hours worth of cleaning in just 1 hour. 🙂 About an hour later, the house was sparkling and smelled clean. I love it. I used to work at a company that hawked $49 monthly fee for a monthly massage. But for me this is a much better “bang for your buck.” I love not having to do the bathrooms (deep clean – not just the daily pick up stuff). I will put this in my budget for next year!

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