My Little Turtle Named Bait

One of the highlights of my girl’s trip to Cancun with my friend Melissa, was that we were able to participate in letting tiny little sea turtles find their way into the ocean at the Omni Cancun.

Rolando, the lifeguard was the resident expert on the little turtles. We learned much about them and I so wish that more people could be a part of this! He informed us that the hotel replaces sea turtle nests into their safe cage so the turtles have the best chance of making it (so birds and other prey don’t mess with the nests). In the cage they carefully place the eggs into another hand made nest. Each of the nests are carefully noted how many eggs are placed, the date, and the type of turtle (blanca – white). Most of the nests were around 100 eggs.

We learned that it takes about 45 days for eggs to hatch and the little turtles to crawl out of their nest. About 75% of the eggs hatch. From that the baby turtles are carefully guarded in the watchtower all day. Then just as the sun goes down (around 5:45 pm in October), everyone who returns to the beach is handed a turtle to send on his way into the ocean. Watching them use their tiny flippers to get their way to being washed out into the water is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Only two or three of those will make it into adulthood. Turtles can be snached up by birds (why we have to let them go at night when there are fewer prey) and eaten by bigger fish/sharks. Trying to be sort of funny. I named mine Bait. I am always delighted by that little dog that has been named “Bear” or the horse named “tiny.” Maybe my little Bait will make it and the fish in the ocean will laugh at his name being Bait.

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