Model Giving To Your Kids

I have made my kids do an annual holiday community project. One year we wrapped over 400 books for an impoverished kids party (we did this project in conjunction with Volunteers of America), one year we collected school supplies, one year we picked a family that we knew and we acted as Secret Santa delivering the gifts Christmas Eve Night to their door (which was a funny story in and of itself – seeing my kids carefully pick presents for each of the Secret Santa kids and play like they were almost burglars in black leaving the packages and running to the “get away car” which I was driving).

I share 50/50 time with my ex with my kids. This year’s project that I really wanted to be involved in is on a weekend that my kids are with my ex. (I will still do the project) So, I need to find something for them to do. In the years past I have not had any money to speak of (and one year I even qualified for food stamps). This year, I have a bit more money. I want to not only do a project that involves our time (I think this are more meaningful for my kids – and really more memorable). But I do also want to donate to Denver Rescue Mission. The money helps to provide a hot, nutritious meal, safe bed and a special Christmas gift – a pair of warm socks to remind them that somebody cares. I love that when the Rescue Mission sent the solicitation – they sent these little “cards” that my kids can sign. They can put their own name on it. My kids don’t need to know how much I am donating. They just need to understand that they have not ever had to think about a meal, a roof, and clothes.

I am still looking for that “show them” project this year. (I’m taking suggestions). But I think showing them that there are all kinds of ways to give from sending money to spending time. All are needed and appreciated. If you know of someone that could use a little pick me up this season (even if it is a hand-written note) will you please email me and give me their info.

I Feel Rich With A Cleaning Company Coming To My House

cleaning ladySo I got this offer, as a blogger, have Mile High Cleaning Company come to clean your house for 2-4 hours. (I live in an apartment – so if it takes any longer than that I must be a total SLOB – yes, I said that in all capitals).

Micky the owner was super responsive to my email. We scheduled a time that worked well in my schedule. Super simple and slick. Emailed her a day/time and she emailed back asap. When the appointed time came, they knew they were running a bit late – she hit me up with a quick email that said they were late and gave me a time that they would be at my house (unlike the three hour long windows that a cable company will give you).

So this is the first time that someone has come to my house to clean. I usually try to do it myself or cajole my kids into doing it under the guise of “chores” (They call it cheap child-labor). I was not really certain what to do with myself. Do I jump in and help? Do I pretend they are not there? Do I stand around and talk? Do I try to disappear?

The ladies were very nice. When they arrived, I had no problem telling them that I have never had someone come clean my house. I was not sure what to do. They asked what I most wanted worked on (I told them bathrooms and atop the shelves in my kitchen (which I don’t think have been looked at since I moved in 3 years ago). They said I can just hang out – they will do all the work. They quickly split up. One did the bathrooms and the other took to the task of the kitchen shelves. I was on my computer (which sits at my table right by the kitchen). We chatted briefly about her kids, he other job and the fact that she likes country music. I quickly turned on the music.

They made me feel comfortable and easy about having them clean (and me continuing to work on my computer).

I love that they came together. You get 2 hours worth of cleaning in just 1 hour. 🙂 About an hour later, the house was sparkling and smelled clean. I love it. I used to work at a company that hawked $49 monthly fee for a monthly massage. But for me this is a much better “bang for your buck.” I love not having to do the bathrooms (deep clean – not just the daily pick up stuff). I will put this in my budget for next year!

What is Resort Casual, Resort Formal or Mountain Casual?

I’ve had a few invitations recently where the agenda said, “resort wear” or “mountain casual”. What does that really mean? I work at home (I don’t get out much) so when I received an invite to an event that said one night would be “resort casual” and the other will be “resort formal” I was in a bit of a quandry as to what that means.

I have two ways to get fashion information. I either call my sister (who has always been a fashionista – even since the days of working at County Seat so she could get a discount) and I also turn to Pinterest. I figured out that Resort Casual is a bit more dressed up than slumming on the beach (good thing – this was a work event after all). So I chose a sun dress with giant flowers. All of the pinterest pictures showed flowers.

When it came to Resort Formal. I went shopping with my sister. We ended up at Black & White Market – where she chose a black jersey fabric strappy pant-suit with sparkles along the top (and a snazzy tie at the waist). She also said that I absolutely HAD to have the necklace and earrings. She promptly asked if she could borrow them the week following. It seemed perfect. I fit in.

Not just two weeks later, I received an invite that says “mountain casual”. Seeing as though I’ve lived in Colorado all my life – I think I pretty much know what mountain casual is. Mountain Casual usually includes jeans – so I’m much more comfortable there….but then what? What to wear with jeans? I chose a medium weight sweater (we were going to Vail/Beaver Creek in October – the weather can make giant swings). A long sleeve shirt and a scarf. Done.

What would you wear for Resort Casual, Resort Formal or Mountain Casual? Next up? Cancun. What is beach wear? I got this one! Flip flops, bathing suits and cover-ups! Done!

My Little Turtle Named Bait

One of the highlights of my girl’s trip to Cancun with my friend Melissa, was that we were able to participate in letting tiny little sea turtles find their way into the ocean at the Omni Cancun.

Rolando, the lifeguard was the resident expert on the little turtles. We learned much about them and I so wish that more people could be a part of this! He informed us that the hotel replaces sea turtle nests into their safe cage so the turtles have the best chance of making it (so birds and other prey don’t mess with the nests). In the cage they carefully place the eggs into another hand made nest. Each of the nests are carefully noted how many eggs are placed, the date, and the type of turtle (blanca – white). Most of the nests were around 100 eggs.

We learned that it takes about 45 days for eggs to hatch and the little turtles to crawl out of their nest. About 75% of the eggs hatch. From that the baby turtles are carefully guarded in the watchtower all day. Then just as the sun goes down (around 5:45 pm in October), everyone who returns to the beach is handed a turtle to send on his way into the ocean. Watching them use their tiny flippers to get their way to being washed out into the water is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Only two or three of those will make it into adulthood. Turtles can be snached up by birds (why we have to let them go at night when there are fewer prey) and eaten by bigger fish/sharks. Trying to be sort of funny. I named mine Bait. I am always delighted by that little dog that has been named “Bear” or the horse named “tiny.” Maybe my little Bait will make it and the fish in the ocean will laugh at his name being Bait.