Is It Ok To Admit I’m Scared?

I am about two weeks out from going to Frankfurt, Germany for a trade-show. I’m going for work. But I am going alone. I will meet a few other people that work at my company while I’m there. But – I have to admit I’m a tad bit scared.

I have harbored a giant dream to travel to Europe. I went with my mom and my sister to Paris and London several years back now. It was somehow different. I was just sort of following along with the prescribed itinerary that my mom put together. She had been there before (getting married to my Army dad and living in Germany traveling Europe together for their first year as a married couple).

This time is different. I am going alone. I am excited to be on my own. I am hoping that I will have a chance to experience some of Germany between sessions at the conference. I am scared that I will go the wrong direction, that I will not be where I need to be on time, that I will not be safe, that I will forget something, that I will love it.

Yes, I said I am a bit scared that I will love it – because that will only serve to feed my wander-lust and make me want to go back (to which my pocketbook my not be able to handle it).

There are a million people that travel back and forth on a regular basis. There are people who have uprooted their lives there in favor of American lifestyles and vice-versa.

What should I plan to see while I’m there? What should I eat? Do you have any great insider tips? Dont’ forget to bring….?

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