Skirt Sports Reminds You To Live Out Your AND

Life is sometimes presented as an either/or proposition. But I find more often than not, especially as a mom, life is more of an AND/AND proposition. I am a woman AND a mom. I am feminine AND strong.

I used to putz around the gym playing on the elliptical. It looked like fun and I could watch TV while I worked out. I could make this my moment of time where I could have a few minutes (ok more like a whole hour) away from my demanding young kids and away from my desire to be all about my ANDs. (Ignore the fact that I said I was working out AND watching tv). After several weeks with a friend – she said that I was going fast enough that I was basically running. What? I’m not a runner. I’m a fitness enthusiast but runner I am not. I quickly realized that I could be BOTH. Yes, another AND.

I was lucky enough to get to meet Skirt Sports 261 Inspiration, Marathoner Kathrine Switzer in person. She is a delightfully down to early normal and approachable person despite her GIANT role for women in running. She tells amazing stories that will resonate for a lifetime (you can also purchase her book at the Skirt Sports Website). Katherine literally changed the sport of running as she became the first woman to officially run and finish the Boston Marathon. She stood strong as race officials tried to push her off the marathon course and strip her of her #261 race bib (no women allowed!). Finishing the race with more determination than ever, Kathrine went on to create the groundbreaking Avon International women’s race series which introduced the sport of running to women around the globe. She was also instrumental in bringing the Woman’s Marathon to the Olympics.

Beyond all the accomplishments in the world of racing – it stands as a much bigger monument when she speaks about empowering women to do what they want. She reminds each and every one of us that a run can mean an entire lifetime of experience. You may start that race as a girl but the strength, courage, confidence, sisterhood and fearlessness that you gain through it help you become a woman by the time you are done. Sometimes that empowerment starts with the clothes you wear. Her intention at the Boston Marathon was simply to run AND she became an inspiration for girls and women in the process.

Skirt Sports clearly defines AND with their teaming of Marathoner Kathrine Swizer AND Skirt Sports Founder, Nicole DeBoom. You can join them as a 261 Woman at their annual Half Marathon and 5K on June 1.  You can get your 261 apparel now!

Is It Ok To Admit I’m Scared?

I am about two weeks out from going to Frankfurt, Germany for a trade-show. I’m going for work. But I am going alone. I will meet a few other people that work at my company while I’m there. But – I have to admit I’m a tad bit scared.

I have harbored a giant dream to travel to Europe. I went with my mom and my sister to Paris and London several years back now. It was somehow different. I was just sort of following along with the prescribed itinerary that my mom put together. She had been there before (getting married to my Army dad and living in Germany traveling Europe together for their first year as a married couple).

This time is different. I am going alone. I am excited to be on my own. I am hoping that I will have a chance to experience some of Germany between sessions at the conference. I am scared that I will go the wrong direction, that I will not be where I need to be on time, that I will not be safe, that I will forget something, that I will love it.

Yes, I said I am a bit scared that I will love it – because that will only serve to feed my wander-lust and make me want to go back (to which my pocketbook my not be able to handle it).

There are a million people that travel back and forth on a regular basis. There are people who have uprooted their lives there in favor of American lifestyles and vice-versa.

What should I plan to see while I’m there? What should I eat? Do you have any great insider tips? Dont’ forget to bring….?

Let Your Hair Down at Elitch Gardens

I was invited to the VIP Grand Opening Party at Elitch Gardens on Thursday, May 1. (For those of you who don’t live in Denver – Elitch’s is like a Six Flags amusement park). I was excited to go back – the kids and I went there last year. That day was a day my kids were to be with their dad (my ex) so I called my ex to find out if he would be ok with me taking the kids. He said ok – as long as the kids want to go. I asked my 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter if they wanted to go and both of them said no. What? I’m pretty sure my kids have become so spoiled they have no idea how special this is and that not everyone gets to participate in stuff like this. But they didn’t want to go and I had already RSVP’d for three. Uh…now what? I did the next best thing. I adopted two kids for the night.

I adopted Tanner and Sierra – my friend Angie’s two kids who are 20 & 18. I was a tad bit afraid that they would think Elitch’s lame and/or me lame for thinking this was so darn cool. Angie was almost as excited as her kids. She said they both were having a tough week and it was perfect timing (plus then they could spend time together). I think they liked it. Sierra posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook and Instagram – the mark of being cool for an 18 year-old.

The VIP night only has about 100 people invited and they can bring their families to the park. Which means that it is like a private party and you don’t have to wait in line for ANYTHING! From the minute you walk in you feel like a big deal. They offer popcorn, fudge and cotton candy for free. It’s just sitting there for you to take it! Food seemed to be the highlight of the experience for them. In addition to the treats immediately when we walked in there was also street tacos, shredded beef sandwiches, corn dogs were being hand delivered as were flatbread pizzas. There was also choices of drinks, slushies, dippin dots, and birthday cake (Elitch’s is 124 Years Old!)

And of course after we ate we went on some rides – The Brain Drain, Boomerang, Teacups, Ferris Wheel, Sea Dragon, Hollywood & Vine among others. Tanner wouldn’t go with us on the roller coasters. But we had a lot of fun spinning around in the teacups! It really was so much fun.

I hope they know they are the best adoptees a mom could ask for! 🙂