So my friend Kim and I arrived in Las Vegas on a Saturday. The limo driver was waiting right there with my name on the sheet. I must say no matter how many times that happens to me I get a total thrill EVERY time. I’m like a kid. We quickly got settled into the MGM and our room was amazing. It was bigger than my apartment.

We literally ran down the strip to the Flamingo to see the Donnie and Marie show. They put on a great show. I sort of wanted to see it – but I was blown away by how many of their songs that I know and what great showmanship they display.

When we arrived back at the MGM we decided to see if we could a. play somewhere and b. bump into someone famous. Little did we know we would actually get to do both (at the same time). We scooched into the craps table. Played near this cute looking guy and his friend. (We LATER found out that he is a guy on Young and the Restless). Then another guy filtered in at the other end of the table. Turns out that he was Frankie Ballard – who sings this song called Helluva Life. Sort of funny that we didn’t know who he was but rather were making fun of his jacket. Seems like he had some amazing fashion sense. (As evidenced by the jacket he wore to the VIP fan night the next night). When we lost just enough money we wandered in to the lobby bar. Where Kim said she felt that this guy there was someone famous. We didn’t go talk to him. We just left the bar. Then somehow we managed back to the bar just 20 minutes or so later. Kim asked the “famous guy”‘s friend – who he was. His friend said he was Easton Corbin. Sheesh. I know his songs! 🙂 We had to get a picture with him. So we could paste it on facebook and look like we really talked to him more than asking for him to take a photo with us. 🙂

As an aside we met another guy who said he played keyboards for someone famous but wouldn’t tell us who. We looked for him the next day and couldnt’ figure it out -so thought he was playing. We also met the guitar tech for Tim McGraw. Apparently he strings Tim’s guitars. Who knew there was a job doing that? So maybe we met more famous people but we’re not sure.

The show was really cool to be in the room that you know is being broadcast across the country. Yes, I recorded it at home and watched it again when I got back home. They would count down to when it was live indicating that we should all scream and go crazy. It sounded better than I could have ever thought. The show was amazing because it was all the songs I know from the radio. I mean I have been to other concerts where there is one band/singer and they sing all the songs on their CD. This was a great mix of all the BEST songs.

Sarah totally surprised us and gave us tickets to the FAN JAM after the show! (As if the show was not enough). We went to the Marquis Ballroom where a stage was set up. It was SRO (Standing Room Only) – but we finally worked our way so close that we were in the 2nd row. The same big stars that you hear on the radio. Playing right to us! My feet were killing me. Dressing up for something like that where you know you will be standing for hours – means I should not have been wearing heels.

This experience is one I will remember for a lifetime. One that I will be talking about for YEARS to come. THANK YOU MGM!

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