Country in Las Vegas

I can hardly believe it. I have had more than my fair share of pinch me moments – but they keep getting bigger and better! This one has been a year in the making and something I have always wanted to cross off my bucket list. I am going to Las Vegas with one of my bestest friends from High School to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM.

She has been a GIANT country music fan – long before it was cool and when we all made fun of her for wearing her cowboy boots and shopping at Sheplers. (Those who live in Colorado know what I’m talking about). I thought it was great when we got to see Zac Brown Band at Red Rocks a couple summers ago and instead of the typical meet and greet where you are shuffled in a line to shake hands and get a quick photo that meant you “met” the band – we were invited to an Eat and Greet (still one of the coolest things I think I’ve done). Zac Brown, the band, his wife, and Chef Rusty had prepared a meal and the band served it to us and then sat with us like it was a family picnic. (Have I told you how cool Jimmy the fiddle player is?)

But this? This takes the cake for certain. We fly out tonight. We will be picked up at the airport in the MGM limo. Whisked away to the MGM where we will check in at the VIP lounge (let’s hope that some star is in there too). We will head over to the Flamingo to watch Donnie & Marie. Then grab a bite to eat. Sunday we will head over to the Luxor where a comp is waiting us for just about the biggest breakfast that we could dream of (who needs $150 for breakfast)? Then back to MGM to chill for a couple hours. Then meeting my MGM lady at the Pub for drinks and apps. Then off to the show!!! Woot! My simple mind is confused…dress nice (it’s an award show on TV and in VEGAS) or cowboy up (they are cowboys and living in Colorado I know that for most that means shining the boots).

And then we head back Monday morning. Back to real life. Hopefully with stories galore. Sooo EXCITED.

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