The Danger With Awesome

I don’t know about you – but for me. Awesome is ….well, AWESOME. But how you define awesome may be very different from someone else. What you do that makes you happy, who you hang around with (or know), how busy (or relaxed) your lifestyle. Only you get to decide how awesome your life really is.

I think my life is pretty awesome. I like to be very busy. I like to have a lot of things to go to. I have three jobs (plus I’m a mom which is a job in itself) which keep me very busy. I love all of my jobs and the thought of giving any of them up literally makes me crazy. I have dreams and I’m very driving to achieving them. I have spelled them out for myself.One of my jobs requires travel. I love to be on the go – seeing and experiencing new places. These new places may be the newest store down the street or some foreign land (I’ve only gone to one foreign land- but seeing more is on my awesome list). I literally love to fill almost every moment of my calendar with SOMETHING to do.

I believe so much that my life is awesome that I proclaim it on social media….REGULARLY. But here is the innate problem – when others read that my life is awesome, they insert their own idea of what is in that cocktail. I recently had someone tell me that I am not as awesome as I say I am. At first, I was frustrated and angry at that comment. But then I realized that his idea of awesome is just different from mine. Don’t let someone else define your awesome. Don’t let someone else tell you that you are not awesome. You ARE awesome if you are moving toward your dreams. You ARE awesome if you are happy for what you already have. You ARE awesome because God made you that way.

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