The Gonna People

Do you have people like this in your life? People who say they are gonna do something – but then fail to do so time and time again?

When I say I am going to do something or be somewhere. I make every effort to be there. Much to the frustration and chagrin of my kids who get dragged to some pretty weird stuff. (Although I think most of it is pretty neat – and upon hindsite views of it my kids think it is cool too). But I get frustrated by people who do not know what I hoops I will jump through to be there when I commit to be so. I would much rather have someone tell me the truth that they will not be there than “get out of it” by the perpetually sick child (which I must admit is a good excuse – but I’ve taken my sick daughter places), stomach issues or what have you. The way I see it – it really just comes down to poor time management (planning) or really just not WANTING to go for whatever reason. But why have we as a society not let each other say that? Why can’t we just say, “Hey, I’m not coming cause I don’t feel like it.” Wouldn’t it be nicer if we could just be honest with each other.

I also have difficulty with people who say they are gonna do something but then don’t wrap a timeline around it (particularly painful if there are others that are involved in the gonna plans). I get that we all have a bucket list. I get that we all say things in the moment of excitement. But really – when I say I’m gonna do something. I start wrapping plans in my head as to when I’m going to do that thing and wrapping plans on how to get that done.

What are you Gonna Do? Are you really gonna do it – or just be a Gonna Person who says it but doesn’t mean it?

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