Two Different People

Do you ever feel like you are two completely different people? I have often said that I feel like I am two different people – one that is a mom and one that is this single person. I am divorced (this is not news – it’s been several years now) and so what that means is that I share custody of my two kids (who are now teenagers). When they are home I am definitely mom mode. I do everything I can to stay relevant in their lives from helping with homework, to shopping for the right clothes, to just talking about what is happening at school that day/week.

But then there is the “other me.” The one that is sort of this single lady out there. I like to go out with friends. I snowboard (which I often do alone). I go to movies and occasionally go out to the movies or other events. The one that is dating someone who doesn’t even live in my state. So…I am single – and ALONE most of the time.

I sometimes have a hard time combining the two me’s. I am both. Do you sometimes feel like you are multiple personalities?

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