The Danger With Awesome

I don’t know about you – but for me. Awesome is ….well, AWESOME. But how you define awesome may be very different from someone else. What you do that makes you happy, who you hang around with (or know), how busy (or relaxed) your lifestyle. Only you get to decide how awesome your life really is.

I think my life is pretty awesome. I like to be very busy. I like to have a lot of things to go to. I have three jobs (plus I’m a mom which is a job in itself) which keep me very busy. I love all of my jobs and the thought of giving any of them up literally makes me crazy. I have dreams and I’m very driving to achieving them. I have spelled them out for myself.One of my jobs requires travel. I love to be on the go – seeing and experiencing new places. These new places may be the newest store down the street or some foreign land (I’ve only gone to one foreign land- but seeing more is on my awesome list). I literally love to fill almost every moment of my calendar with SOMETHING to do.

I believe so much that my life is awesome that I proclaim it on social media….REGULARLY. But here is the innate problem – when others read that my life is awesome, they insert their own idea of what is in that cocktail. I recently had someone tell me that I am not as awesome as I say I am. At first, I was frustrated and angry at that comment. But then I realized that his idea of awesome is just different from mine. Don’t let someone else define your awesome. Don’t let someone else tell you that you are not awesome. You ARE awesome if you are moving toward your dreams. You ARE awesome if you are happy for what you already have. You ARE awesome because God made you that way.

The Gonna People

Do you have people like this in your life? People who say they are gonna do something – but then fail to do so time and time again?

When I say I am going to do something or be somewhere. I make every effort to be there. Much to the frustration and chagrin of my kids who get dragged to some pretty weird stuff. (Although I think most of it is pretty neat – and upon hindsite views of it my kids think it is cool too). But I get frustrated by people who do not know what I hoops I will jump through to be there when I commit to be so. I would much rather have someone tell me the truth that they will not be there than “get out of it” by the perpetually sick child (which I must admit is a good excuse – but I’ve taken my sick daughter places), stomach issues or what have you. The way I see it – it really just comes down to poor time management (planning) or really just not WANTING to go for whatever reason. But why have we as a society not let each other say that? Why can’t we just say, “Hey, I’m not coming cause I don’t feel like it.” Wouldn’t it be nicer if we could just be honest with each other.

I also have difficulty with people who say they are gonna do something but then don’t wrap a timeline around it (particularly painful if there are others that are involved in the gonna plans). I get that we all have a bucket list. I get that we all say things in the moment of excitement. But really – when I say I’m gonna do something. I start wrapping plans in my head as to when I’m going to do that thing and wrapping plans on how to get that done.

What are you Gonna Do? Are you really gonna do it – or just be a Gonna Person who says it but doesn’t mean it?

Two Different People

Do you ever feel like you are two completely different people? I have often said that I feel like I am two different people – one that is a mom and one that is this single person. I am divorced (this is not news – it’s been several years now) and so what that means is that I share custody of my two kids (who are now teenagers). When they are home I am definitely mom mode. I do everything I can to stay relevant in their lives from helping with homework, to shopping for the right clothes, to just talking about what is happening at school that day/week.

But then there is the “other me.” The one that is sort of this single lady out there. I like to go out with friends. I snowboard (which I often do alone). I go to movies and occasionally go out to the movies or other events. The one that is dating someone who doesn’t even live in my state. So…I am single – and ALONE most of the time.

I sometimes have a hard time combining the two me’s. I am both. Do you sometimes feel like you are multiple personalities?

Nils Makes Me Feel Like A Million (Bucks)

I had never really believed before that the “clothes make the man…(ahem, woman)” I sort of just wore what was comfortable, what was functionable for whatever I was doing that day. That was until I had the opportunity to try Nils Skiwear.

I was sent a coat, jacket, base-layers, and these amazing sweaters. The coat is a brilliant green and purple that look like they are straight from a fine piece of jewelry. The coat is lightweight but, warm! The fur liner on the hood make me feel like I really belong in Vail or Aspen (she-she). And I don’t normally like to have people stare at me – but when I noticed people looking at me recently I realized it is because of the amazing coat and pants!

Pockets are a big deal to me as I don’t take anything else with me (no purse) so I shove many things in my pockets- from phone, to identification, to money, to my pass, to lip balm and snacks. There is an inside pocket that is plenty big enough to fit my phone – and a few other things. I love the pleats and pockets along the hips. The zips are hidden so well you can’t really tell they are there. But for style you can unzip/zip pleats to allow the coat to flare out at the bottom – below the belt. The belt just looks like a belt. Very fashion forward – without me having to deal with an actual belt and more to buckle and zip. slider-jackets

What they can’t see when they are staring at me is the warm base layers. The layers are lightweight and soft. They keep me toasty warm and look great too. I was sent the turtle neck as well as a crew neck. The black color (and one of the baselayers is cool with a white and black designs on it) is easy to wear under anything -even if it is not just my new ski gear.

But I really live in the Sophia sweaters! These sweaters are so comfortable – I have a hard time taking them off at the end of the day.