Acting Like I Am Busy

I try to act like a good mom. I go to every one of my kids sporting events no matter how absolutely boring I may find Junior High C Team basketball. I’m there. I watch my son play. I cheer him on. I make sure he knows I’m there, even if it is not one of my nights with the kids. ‘

Last night I realized that there were several other parents that all went head down into their cell phones – right when there was a break in the action – a time out, half-time or even a foul. When I realized that I think all of us are just pretending to be so darn busy that we can’t possibly let that email go without being answered – even in the middle of my kids basketball game. This business ensures that I don’t even have to glance in the direction of my ex who has dutifly taken his place several rows and sections removed from where I had already staked out territory upon my arrival. He had his crew of other men who are divorcees too. While I had my crew of the other ladies.

So why did I think it was so funny when one of the other moms sitting with me admitted that her phone was actually “dead” as she had forgotten to charge it – but phones are such a great way to avoid avoid avoid?



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